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Van Helsing

Looks good so far…hope they wont make him <i>too</i> perfect. Quite a roster of monsters to kill. Hope he at least gets a run for his money. Oh well, well see! ;0)

yeah, its looks pretty badass. Been waiting for a good vampire killer movie to come out, plus he gets a whole bunch of other uglies in there too.

Yeah, it looks cool, but what’s really cool for me is that is the ancesteral version of my name, so I’ve got a personal stake and they better not have screwed up.

What’s the name Van Helsing mean anyway?

beats me, but in all the Dracula movies Van Helsing shows up as this old man of legend who is a monster slayer and blah blah. Bout time we get to see him in his prime, he better be a badass.

Hmmm…I’ve already posted something about this movie. A while ago.

Van Helsing was the doctor who helped kill dracula in the original story. He knew what dracula was and helped Jon Harker kill him. That’s where they got the name.

Im not sure i would want him to preform surgery on me…

So Dr. Helsing i have this weird bump…

Helsing: Whip Stab


I’m looking forward to this (Hugh Jackman rocks) and Hellboy. I personally think Hellboy should own, anything w/ the occult and Nazis get an A+ in my book.


Its like the bad guy version of League of Extroadinary Gentleman.