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Van Halen Reunites


It's official. www.van-halen.com

I would be way more excited, but it's also official that they've booted Mike and replaced him with Eddie's son. What a shame.

Anyway, should be a fun tour.


This would've been more exciting 10 years ago had they actually gone through with the reunion then (it fell apart after Eddie got mad at Dave during their appearance the MTV Video Music Awards).

Sucks Mike is gone but it's not surprising considering he's good friends with Haggar.




I gotta believe that with Valerie out of the way, that anything is possible for Van Halen. The fact that they are back together is just going to be a starting point that they can build off of, if in fact they can get things rolling again, and get some music to the top of the charts.

I think that if they get it rolling, that Sammy, and anybody else lookin for some cash, will take notice.


Revelation: It was Valerie holding them back all these years! Why didn't I see that sooner?!

VH - Michael Anthony = Sucks Ass


i think i agree with this. though i wouldn't go so far to say it sucks ass without mike, but i will say that the inclusion of wolfie instead of mike sucks ass ! i'd feel much better if some no-name player were playing bass/singing backup.

i'd buy tickets today if that were the case. but if mikey and roth were in, i would search and destroy to get tickets. i'd take a week off and attend multiple shows. but wolfie ?? jeez-s man you want me to pay money to see some fat 15 year wannabe ? oh man i don't know...


unchained cherone: the band actually has a sound, but cherone is like some ridiculous scott weiland wannabe.

unchained hagar : wtf is this ? mikey is the only one holding it down.

unchained: i suppose i'll only get to see this on video. the whole band is on it and the impactof their stage presence/ showmanship is so much more focused with roth in the lead. roth even misses his first line and it just keeps rolling.


Regardless of your opinion of Anthony, if he is not on the roster, it is not a "reunion." It is yet, another, line up change. Altho, I concede that the majority of the world puts much more importance on front men vs. bassists (or pretty much any other member of a band, except maybe guitarists). But for me, it's still not the same.

Should be interesting. Wonder how the Hagar era stuff will sound w/ Roth on them.


It seems to be a universal feeling among VH fans that it's NOT a reunion without Mike and I totally agree. I can't see Wolfie thumping a Jack Daniels bass and harmonizing the way Mike does. It would be great to have the original lineup back and doing all the unreleased stuff from their club days.


Like I said, if the Band gets rolling again, I think the possibilities are there, that Sammy JUMPs back in for a set, and possibly even Micheal Anthony. After all, money talks, and bullshit walks, and I`m sure none of these guys can have enough CAAAAAAAASH!!


did they say they'd be doing hagar era tunes also ???

i can't believe roth would agree to sing ANY of that stuff. he's got too much ego and that's what i like about him. man the thought of roth choking his way through "love comes walking in" makes me ill. that's a dealbreaker for me. i won't be going if roth lowers himself to singing van hagar tunes.


Now I take issue with that, I like Cherone, he is a great front man. However, I will qualify that by saying that I am an Extreme fan.


well yeah, i do think he's a pretty good frontman -when he's in his own band :wink:. how would you feel if nuno and the others got together with roth as the frontman and tried to sell it as "extreme" ?


Didn't read anything on this either way. How could they not? Just forget the period between 1984 and whatever new stuff they might happen to do with him now? They had a TON of hits in that span of time. It would be a shame to let them go. Unless of course it's just for one tour...


I don't know what to say.


Dumbest move in music was kicking him out. Or however he left.


One of my favorites by Van Halen. Didn't know it had a video. Baddest intro ever.


roth's been saying for years how much better he is than sammy. i'd be disappointed if he sang van hagar tunes

this is a great interview check it out !


"DLR: We had intentionally stayed away from keyboards, because up 'til then, what instruments you used indicated which neighborhood you were part of; Queen would write things like 'No synthesizers were used on this album'. That's just affectation. But at the time it seemed important. When we moved to work on "1984", though, it was a case of inching up slowly, having previously exhausted other possibilities. I personally had always been a fan of keyboards and brass and female back-up singers and everything else that isn't supposed to be hard rock. The band was at each other's throats more than ever, but I say it with a smile. The best accomplishments are not achieved when everybody is sitting going 'You're great! Do you think I'm great, too? You do? Great!'

CR: For all the tensions in Van Halen, presumably there were times when the excitement of what you were achieving together enabled you to forget your differences?

DLR: We were always disagreeing, we were always at each other's throats about what was the appropriate thing to do, but it was that belligerent, confrontational chemistry that created the music you grew up to. When the guys became relaxed and comfortable with Sam Hagar it was lost. But it doesn't need to be lost forever. I actually consider that chemistry to be a positive force, one that could bode well for the future. We could pick up the gauntlet tomorrow. I'm completely up for that; always have been.

CR: But during the period when Van Halen were at their peak, surely there were times when you at least felt like blood brothers?

DLR: Not really. Not much. I lived in my own little world, which was informed by a thousand books and ten-thousand magazines, and the Van Halens occupied another world entirely. To this day I don't think Eddie Van Halen has enjoyed more than ten minutes of his success. He's chased, he's not chasing. He's chased by something. But I never lamented it, because it's precisely that contrast that makes the best art. And when all are comfortable, then you're stuck with songs like "Why Can't This Be Sam?".

CR: Don't you mean "Why Can't this Be Dave?"

DLR: No, because Dave would never pose a question like "Why Can't This Be Love?". Dave would assume his love bases were covered.

CR: But didn't "5150" out-sell previous Van Halen albums? It was certainly very successful.

DLR: I think our sales out-sold Sammy's three to one. We had several twelve-million sellers, and everything else went double or triple-platinum. None of it was as popular at any given time as "Finding Nemo" is today. And Jane Fonda's workout tape outsold everybody-including you, Mr. Plant! So what are digging here for, professor? I think we're digging for content [laughs]. Sam comes from a whole other background, so consequently, both lyrically and musically, it's going to be a whole different tone and tenor. Still, even if the quality isn't there I listen for the ambition. And I think that changed when I left the band. When I was the boss we were adults acting like kids, but when Sam got in the band it became like kids trying to act like adults.

CR: Sammy Hagar also seemed to try and co-opt your sense of humor here and there. Which, incidentally, didn't work.

DLR: It's like writing the book: you have to live it first. And that doesn't mean you have to go to Algiers and become a heroin addict-although there's a book or two in that, too, of course. Sam is...a singer. I'm David Lee Roth, the singer. As a wrangler of words, sire, you see the vast yawning difference before us. Are you a writer or the writer? I rest my case.


this is killer !

on a side note i haven't read anything from roth confirming this tour. all i've seen is that little quote from eddie. not even a brief mention on the roth site ,but who knows how current he keeps it...if this reunion is for real it's being manged pretty poorly. they make a small anouncement and then nothing..they're already losing steam which is why i don't think roth is fully on board yet. he wouldn't allow this dead air to happen. i won't believe it until i see it.


Guess I am one of the rare few that actually like both Roth AND Hagar. I grew up listening to both versions and I have always thought they both did the job.


Hagar - Good

Roth - Great

Cherone - Bad