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Van Halen is Back





VH - awesome~





What's the bets these guys don't come to Scotland ><


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Well I only like Van Halen, not Van Hagar, if that's any consolation to you.

I could see you rocking out to some slow ass Hagar-sung "Van Halen" tunes....


My favorite.


Close second.


MY favorite. Eddie's tone and crunch on those first 2 album's was unbelievable. Too bad he didn't keep it on subsequent records.


I used to have a pretty high-end headphone setup, and the remastered Van Halen album is audiophile quality, ferrshurr.

This track is so clear on the highs, and the overdriven crunch is so fucking clean.


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Probably my favorite, although the whole first album was just legendary.

But if you've had a couple cocktails and you're blazing down the road and feelin good, there aren't many savage riffs that can get your blood boiling like this one can.


Close second.


Damn good news!


I was 6 when VH1 was released. It was my first album (which I still have) and certainly responsible for me wanting to play guitar.

Saw the 5150 tour in Philly. Awesome. Incidentally BTO opened for them and Randy Bachman (the "B" in "BTO") got booed off the stage for trying to do a violin bow guitar solo a la Jimmy Page.

I thought the last DLR reunion tour sounded pretty good (vid clips). I wish Michael Anthony was back in, but still, with a new album and tour, there should be a lot of cool stuff coming up. Hopefully Eddie delivers.


I like the licks Eddie was laying down on the new album. As far as I'm concerned their wa no VH with Hagar. DLR was the shit! Still is! The Barnum of the Bailey.


I have actually never listened to any of the Hagar tracks. Not once.



A site I go to again and again as I too am a massive Van Halen fan.
I also am one who wishes Michael Anthony was still in the band, but based upon some of these videos (especially for the "new" song, "She's the Woman", Eddie's son is doing pretty damn good on that bass!