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Vampires Suck Movie Review


I found this funny and I hope you guys enjoy this. Especially people who like movies as much as I do.



I hate Friedberg and Seltzer with a passion so intense that is impossible to put into words. They embody the very worst qualities Hollywood has to offer: lying in wait for a spate of successful movies in a particular genre, then make a "movie" by cobbling together a bunch of random scenes and call the end result a "parody".

And they've never done anything else. I'm convinced that Hollywood execs keep them on the payroll to squeeze a few extra bucks out of mainstream releases when the directors/writers start to fuck up.

Vampires Suck maybe their downfall: nobody could do a Vampire parody better than Stephanie Meyers.


no one cares , wol.



God bless you.


U mad?


He mad!


Why would I be mad? I'm chillin'.






What blasphemy is this?


At first I didn't get it.

Then I Googled it.

Then I lol'd.


The truth!
The only movie to suck more humor out of me was Schindler's List.
I'm not joking that even Schindler's List is funnier because there's that clever part where Goethe shoots a random inmate of the camp when he asks a line of other inmates who stole something from the pantry or whatever, so Goethe asks again who stole the food then a kid steps forward and points at the guy he'd just shot.


You know what they say, pics or it didn't happen; so it must be real. I always knew you were a closet waffle lover.