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Value of EDT for strength?

Have any of you guys tried Staley’s EDT for strength?

I am comeing back inti training seriously again after 6months of inconsistent workouts goofing off. My goals are to increase stengt and ad
a litle muscle along the way…
I would really apreciate any info and good tips from people who have tried it…

I’m guessing that it would be fine for novice/intermediate trainees however advanced lifters aren’t really going to be using this in droves.
could be usful while getting back into a routine, however after 4-6 weeks i’d switch to something abit more focused like Westside.

Me like DVD

My girlfriend did it for two months (after about 6 months of previous training experience) and had good strength gains.

looks like a good program for those goals, and since youre in the state you are.

according to her it was very hard…


I’ve been lifting for about 9 years now and no program has ever increased my strength more than EDT. You just have to do it with the proper exercises.


Did you mean to say that you like EDT?

No I prefer DVD over VHS :slight_smile:

What about BETA

Ok, thank you for the input. DVD who’da thunk?!?!
Ill Cazzo, I think that one had to employ exercizes that help with weaknesses but still are money exercizes. Please correct me if I’m wrong in my assumption:)
Did you use all the recovery techniques staley outlined -if so -how much benefit did you feel it gave you?
Well I think I?ll give it a go. I’m just worried about overtraining, so I’ll feel my way through it and see when weeks of rduced intensity/volume are needed.
I’ve done WSB before and loved it :slight_smile: But still, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and I think it will give some nice hypertrophy…

I’ve done a modded EDT for increasing my strength-endurance with Kettlebells. It was a conditioning program, and it was hellacious. But I got a lot better.

I’ve never used it for “pure” strength, but the concept it is based on is solid. Give it a shot for a while, and see what you think.

Dan “Pure” McVicker

I did use “money” exercises as you said, pretty basic stuff…Cleans, Front Squats, Push Presses, and the like for the Core exercises, and I used the other PR Zones for correcting weaknesses.

I used the ice massage on days where I just knew I was gonna be sore as hell the next day. It works, but like everything else, use it sparingly.Used a surge type drink, stretched after workouts, and i have football practice on my off-lifting days so I guess that could be considered my "moderate cardio haha
On the EDT arm specialization program, I took 1/2 and asprin (150mgs i think) 30mins before the workout. And I get massages 2x’s a month…dont know how much it helps with recovery, but I’m not turning them down anytime soon.
PM me if you have any more specific questions.

Also, take Dan’s word for it, EDT w/K-bells for conditioning is brutal.

Thank you everybody. I’ll give you an update on my progress on this prog :slight_smile:

I wrote an article on how to modify EDT for strength. Check it out at my website.

Mike Mahler