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I was reading an article on the “Rich Jerk” website and it really
hit home. So I decided to post it up here in hope of changing the way people feel about money and making money. “The Get a life thread”, is usually a waste a time( I still enjoy being here cause I have no life) But this article is no waste of time and everybody
must read it. Enjoy!

Hey Losers,

You know how I can always spot the losers from the winners? Its simple really - the losers always focus and obsess about the WRONG CRAP, and the winners are always focused on the RIGHT CRAP. So what separates the two is a bunch of crap!

Let me explain�?�

I get emails DAILY from people complaining about how they don�??t have any money.

�??Waaaa! I�??m not rich! Waaaaaaa! I have no money! The economy is bad! Rich people are out to screw me! Evil Corporations should be taxed so they can pay my wellfare! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!�??

I fart in the general direction of people like these. Not because they are whiny little snots - no sir. 90% of the world�??s population are whiny snots. But because these types of people just don�??t GET IT. And they never will. So it�??s really a waste of my valuable time to deal with them. (Seriously, I could be doing more important stuff like eating pop tarts or watching late-night Cinemax.)

What is it that these losers don�??t get that rich people do? Well, to put it bluntly, it�??s a mindset. Look at me for instance - I am filthy, stinking rich. Seriously. I can wipe my butt with $100 dollar bills and flush them down the toilet. That�??s how much money I rake in. But for good ol�?? RJ, it�??s never BEEN about the money.

When I was a poor homeless loser living on the streets, if I had focused on what I wanted, I�??d probably still be there. You gotta understand that what YOU NEED is immaterial. (yes, I just used the word �??immaterial.�?? Watching PBS is starting to pay off.)

In business, you always need more money. That�??s the whole point of business! To make money. Lots of it. Gobs of it. And you know what? There�??s nothing wrong with that! But understand that money is a by-product of SUCCESS.


Money follows the successful. Now what does that mean? Well - making money doesn�??t mean you�??ve succeeded. It just means you�??ve made money. But succeeding attracts money TO YOU. Constantly. And the more you succeed, the more money comes your way.

So back in the day when I was like most of you reading this, I didn�??t worry about making money. I worried about succeeding.

Which begs the question - what does it mean to be successful? Well, to put it bluntly, being successful means you are helping someone else achieve what they desire.

When you get a promotion at your job, it�??s not because you wanted a promotion to make more money. It was because your boss GOT SOMETHING of value from you - your hard work, skills, and expertise - and wants to reward you so you will continue to give him the value he wants!

When it comes to running your own business, people don�??t care if you want money. They care about what THEY want. And if you can give them what THEY want, they�??ll give you money for it!

This is where your focus comes in.

See - I was a multi-millionaire before I started the Rich Jerk company. And because I made a lot of money, I always had wannabes coming up and asking me how I did it. And I figured �??Hey, if I can help people become rich, maybe they�??ll give me some money!�?? And low and behold - it worked!

But the reason the Rich Jerk is successful isn�??t because I wanted to make more money. It�??s because I wanted to teach people how to make themselves more money! And that is valuable to other people. My focus wasn�??t on my own success. It was on the success of others.

It�??s always been that way. Even back when I was doing the �??get out of debt�?? thing, I was HELPING people achieve something of value to THEM. That�??s why I succeeded, because I was helping other people to succeed.

Too often - all you losers get caught up in �??market research�?? and �??business expenses�?? and �??pay per click BS.�?? Your focus is on YOUR business. What YOU want.

�??I wanna make an extra $500 per month! WAAAAAAA!!!�??

�??I want a new car! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!�??

�??I wanna stop eating out of garbage cans! WAAAAAAAA!!!�??

STFU. Stop making this about YOU. No one cares about YOU. No one gives a flying circus about YOU. I, personally, could care less about YOU.

The only thing people care about is what you can do for THEM.

A lot of people think going into business for yourself is about freedom. But it�??s not. You always have a master to serve - and if it�??s not a boss, it�??s your customers. If you don�??t know how to serve your customers, you will never succeed, because success is all about helping out people OTHER THAN YOU and having them reciprocate by giving you money.

THAT is business, my friends.


So if you ever want to be successful - like me - you�??re going to have to stop your bitching and shift your focus. Stop thinking about what you need and start thinking about what OTHER PEOPLE need.

I have a billion people out there promoting my course. But to 99% of these affiliates, they are just promoting the Rich Jerk because they are trying to make themselves money.

But their focus is off. And that�??s why they are failing.

If they just shifted their focus and asked themselves - �??who can I give this information to in order to help them make money,�?? and �??what else can I do to help other people succeed?�?? they would be much more successful.

Remember - you�??re goal as a business person is not to become rich. It�??s to meet a need other people have. If people want something, you have to be the one to give it to them. When you become their supplier of that need - you get money!

Other people�??s success = your success.

The more you help others, the more money you�??ll make. So shift your focus. Start figuring out how you can help other people make money. Start figuring out how you can help other people lose weight. Start figuring out how you can get other people laid.

The more you help others, the more money they want to give you. Now quit yer whinin�?? and start helping people, damn it!!!

I�??m going back to my pop tarts and cinemax.

Whats up with those symbols and extra “?s” Oh well, just ignore them.

[quote]nomorewar wrote:
Whats up with those symbols and extra “?s” Oh well, just ignore them. [/quote]

I believe that happens when you use certain word programs

[quote]Uncle Gabby wrote:

Ha, that was great. I guess everybody is better than me because I have Zeroooooooo money.

Geez…don’t they teach these idiots their own language in schools?

[quote]lixy wrote:
Geez…don’t they teach these idiots their own language in schools?
Caring About Whether You Couldn't Care Less - [/quote]

Are you seriously so stupid you don’t recognize using colloquial language for marketing purposes?

[quote]NateOrade wrote:
lixy wrote:
Geez…don’t they teach these idiots their own language in schools?

Are you seriously so stupid you don’t recognize using colloquial language for marketing purposes?[/quote]

Well, I could live with politicians saying nu-Q-lar and giving the impression of being retarded. But the web is already full of crap, and I, for one, filter based on grammar and spelling. I use colloquial phrases all the time. I enjoy reading clever uses of it (if you read French, I warmly recommend F. Dard). I have nothing against evolving languages. But this idiotic piece is simply a pain to read.

If you think it’s on purpose and we should endure more of this in the future, then shoot me now.