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Valley of the Wolves Iraq


Gary Busey is starring in this latest insult to our country, a movie by the title above. In it, American soldiers capture Turkish soldiers in Iraq, take same to Abu Grahib prison. There, Busey (in the role of a doctor) removes their organs and sells these in Tel Aviv and New York, to rich Jews. Busey, of course, plays a Jewish doctor who'd apparently make Dr. Mengele look like your neighborhood pediatrician.

I'll try to find a link. Saw it on netscape Friday. Maybe one of you guys will beat me to it :slight_smile:




Alert the PMRC!!!

Seriously, who cares. It's a movie, big deal. I saw Scary Movie 1, 2 and 3, and I didn't turn into a serial killer.

America has global allies and enemies, based on political events and political maneuvering... not based on some crappy movie starring Gary Busey.




The truth is, this movie is based on a very long running tv show that airs in Turkey. This is not some "fresh off the shelves" idea other than that it will focus on the war in Iraq as it is being made into a movie.

From IMDB:

Now, isn't this slightly different than the way it was presented by the original poster? My guess...conservative talk radio strikes again.


Do the recipients of the organs therefore become possessed, and blow things up?


Conspiracy? Talk-show radio? WTF?

The movie (according to their ad) casts Jews as satanic monsters and American soldiers as virtual demons. A jewish doctor cuts organs out of living men -- not A doctor...a Jewish doctor!

Why didn't they make a movie about Saddam's sons feeding young women into plastic recycling machines feet first, to 'better enjoy their screams'?

This is simply a hate-America film. How could anyone in the least defend this?

(Hey, since the Islams can, why don't we? Let's all riot, loot, burn on account of this horrible film? If they can freak out over a cartoon, we ought to be able to go postal over a movie!!)

I still say not one Marine is worth the whole region. GW, pull our men out and let that region descend into hell, where it belongs.


In all reality, if our true goal is to give freedom to other countries, along with that comes the ability to make movies about whatever the hell they want to. I know I personally am interested in what other countries think of us. I have no doubt that much of what we know about world events may be one sided. If the movie is utter crap, I doubt it will take 30 seconds for people to figure that out for themselves. I still haven't found one bit of evidence to support the stance you have on this movie. Any legit sources of movie info present it much differently.


A couple of things... first of all they aren't called "Islams". Second of all, there is a cultural tradition that we are missing out on. In the historical tradition of Islam it was forbidden to paint human forms. The idea being that God, being the creator such and so on, was the only one who was able to give life. And by painting pictures of humans, artists were trying to imitate God. Which is an understandable "no no" in many religious traditions.

Now multiply that by several fold when a disrespectful image of someone very important in your religious tradition is printed by a culture that you perceive to already be hostile to you. Finally, since you think of yourself to be better than those "Islams" we should not debase ourselves and respond with "rioting, looting, and burning".


I call them 'Islams' because I wish to distinguish between Muslims, whom I respect, and the 'Islams', the ones who rave about Islamic Jihad and other such vile crap.


Prof X,

Like I said, I saw this on Netscape. Is that a right-wing conspiracy site? I'm not sure.


I know busey's career is a joke.

However, put me in his shoes, I turn that movie down cold.

Add busey to the list of dumbasses who don't think



man today people do not realise it but the centre of anti semetic propaganda is the middle east. since most newspapers and tv stations are nationalized i.e. al Ahram newspaper in egypt, the arabian governements have been using their outreache to sway their people against Israel since its inception in 1948, keeping the palestinians in refugee camps as a testament.

if this movie is real then i wouldnt find it that surprising..... i wonder how people can fabricate such venues of hate in our days,, take the muhhammad cartoon for example,, how many people have died in riots or in set fires for a picture? can anyone here think of a time when jews attacked embassies or rioted with hate after the what thousands of anti semetic cartoons that have appeared in main stream papers for the past what 300 years?


Who cares where you found it. Netscape isn't a source, isn't it a search engine and a browser? That like saying you found it on "google".


is the AP legit?

In Turkish Movie, Americans Kill Innocents
Gary Busey, Billy Zane Co-Star in Anti-American Film

Click here to find out more!

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Feb. 2) - In the most expensive Turkish movie ever made, American soldiers in Iraq crash a wedding and pump a little boy full of lead in front of his mother.

They kill dozens of people with random machine gun fire, shoot the groom in the head, and drag those left alive to Abu Ghraib prison - where a Jewish doctor cuts out their organs, which he sells to rich people in New York, London and Tel Aviv.



Yes, it is and I already presented this info. This movie seems to be taking the stance that innocent people were killed because of our actions and it is focusing on their lives and the effects of it. My question to you is, what is the problem here? You didn't know that some innocent people were killed? You don't want it known? You are upset that it is focused on at all? What is your stance?

One of the main issues focused on in the movie is how their soldiers were "dishonored" in one scene. I had no idea that this was even an issue until reading about it. It shows that perhaps in our effort to liberate, we should spend some time understanding the cultures of these people and factor that into our own actions. Is it a good thing that we are getting such a bad reputation? If your answer is that it doesn't matter, then why be upset by this movie? I am truly interested in your opinion.


Well i dont have a problem with them portraying the US as bad guys..and sure, we have made mistakes and killed innocents.

I think the part about Jewish doctors taking organs from live people and sending them to rich Americans is pretty out there.

Thats where there difference is. That is pure fantasy, which i'm sure many, many muslims will take as real.


Let me ask you, did you know that there is a worldwide black market for organs? There are people who go these routes when their child or daughter is dying and needs a new heart. The waiting list for organs can last for years...years that these people don't have to wait. I think you are focusing on the nationality or religion of the doc when the truth is, shit like this DOES happen. Was it presented in truthful light in this movie? Who knows. I am just letting you know that it does occur. It isn't as out there as you seem to believe.


Are live people killed for organs? I'm sure.

But this is a movie, made by a muslim, which depicts American soldiers bringing LIVE muslims to JEWISH doctors to have their organs harvested for RICH Americans.

If this is not as stereotypical as it gets, i dont know what is.

It is pure anti american/anti semitic propaganda.


Prof x more times than naught i agree with your post but this time however I don't know where you're going with this. As a former marine who was one of the first on the in afghanistan right after sep 11 I can't tell you how tired and irritated I am when people "we should spend some time understanding the cultures of these people and factor that into our own actions" I have noticed its always people on the outside saying this. If you only new what goes into an operation I doubt people would be saying the above statement.

we have come a long way from where we are at during world war 2 i.e. using flame throwers on people. Hell nowadays we tell the enemy "operation ______ will begin on this day at this hour etc well you get the geist...part the reason to make sure women and children are out of the way...most times the cowards use them as shields anyway and blame it on us. the point is there is a lot factors that goes into our (the U.S. Military to be more specific My marines) actions. Now are we going to be able to cover every angle ? No...when a certain aspect is missed that's what media jumps on leaving out the greater good...anyway I'm throught with my rant