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Validity of Original Calories

Ok, so Im on a derivative of the V-Diet…as I am using various comparible supplements in place of the Metabolic Drive, Flameout and Surge. Which is neither here nor there. I was curious if I had to re-calculate my cals each week depending on the weight loss of that week. For example, if after week one I lose 5 lbs, do I then have to re-calibrate my target caloric goals based on my new weight?

With the potential of 3 different sets of target caloric goals through out the 28 days? I would imagine that from week to week the difference would be slight, but between week 1 and week 3 there might be a big drop since there should be a rather dramatic loss of fat. Or do I continue with my original #s all through out the 28 days?

Nice thinking! that might even add to your weight loss a little droping the cals a little from week to week! I dont think the Original V-Diet does this but you should go for it!

No need to change calories. They are low enough as it is, any lower and you risk damaging your metabolism.