Validity for Building Forearm Strength?

Saw this in a magazine (yah, I know), and was wondering if it was worth a damn.

Never used one but it seems pretty neat. If forearm training is something of interest and you have the extra cash to throw around i’d say why not try it.

I built something similar that fits over the end of a barbell. Main thing I don’t like about the one you’re talking about is that it doesn’t allow for progression. Mine is plate loaded.

You can do a similar movement with a bar-end wrist roller. Great for grappling.

If you want, I’ll post pics and instructions for each. Cheap and easy.

Sure if you wouldn’t mind. I never thought about the progression thing. Thanks for the input

Here’s the rotation implement. It’s just a 4"-2" PVC reducer with a short section of 2" pipe glued into it. Then take a 4"Lx 1" thick wooden dowel and shove it in the end. Secure that with a couple of screws.

Drill a hole in the small side of the reducer and run a small rope through it. Tie a knot in the end to secure it. Attach a clip to the other end and you’re done.

By the time you’ve built that one, you’ll already have everything you need to build the wrist roller. Pay attention, this one’s complicated.

  1. Take an 18" section of 2" pipe and drill a hole in the center of it.
  2. Attach the rope
  3. Put a clip on the end of the rope.

You can use the wrist roller in the obvious way, to work the wrist flexors and extensors. You can also just grab the end and twist (like twisting someone’s arm).

Thanks alot, I like that one for the rotation. My gym already has a wrist roller, but now I’ll have something for both.