Valentino before Syn

I was poking around at work and found this on another forum. They purported that this is Valentino before the synthol. Can anybody either confirm or deny that?

Pretty sure it is. I recall seeing some “before” pics on his site and that one is familiar.

T-mag interviewed him. It was called “The Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding” and I think it had pics of him from when he was normal. Check it out with the search engine.

Yup, this is what he looked like back around 80-81, as far as I recall from his site. It’s interesting to see what he looked like before he ruined himself.

Looks like his face to me. Check his site out though… theres other pics of him from a while back.

Sad really. He HAD a great body.

Why be healthy, attractive, and strong when you can be a bloated freak?

That putrid piece of crap Muscular Development hired him recently and that gives me all the more reason to steer clear of the magazine racks.

What, you can get enough “Creatine Blast” stories?..Tell me more Gregg, tell me more!

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Creatine Blasts…

That is Valentino in his so called “natural” days. Synthol would not give him the results he has today. He was spot injecting into his arms. T-mag did an interview with him a while back you should read.

Motown, you actually believe a word that man says when he denies Synthol use? C’mon.

His muscles do look well dodgy and would lead one to believe that he has used Synthol.

Im not very clued up on the subject of performance enhancing drugs. What do you guys think about the story he told in the T-mag interview? Do you think he could have gotten those effects through site injections( or whatever he did)? How plausable is it?

Valentino had a decent body that he had built from hard work…then he decided to join the circus.

“Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and see the bloated freak”!