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Valentine's Day

For those of you having to wade your way through this clusterfuck… put your plans here.

  • Got the grandparents on babysitting duty
  • Have one of the better restaurants in town booked (btw, fixed menu, 5 courses, no changes - fucking rort)
  • Bought one of those cards which has a donation to some loser country
  • Box of “handmade” chocolates, some wine
  • Book from some nerd author

Hoping to get away with not buying flowers. Sick of being bent over a barrel every year.

That should buy me a day or two of peace lol

You’re up!


Planet earth on Netflix while my son plays his ds.
Done !


Work, eat at home with the mrs.

Edit: I also plan to wish all my co-workers “Happy VD” to see who notices.


Flowers, card and date night on Friday instead of the day of. I have a young kid with no family to babysit so these things are difficult.

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Make some kind of pasta dinner (her life source) and watch the Cs, probably pass out on the couch after. Big time vday people here.

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I don’t know. I have a card. The whole thing is one giant anguish. I really like my equality and all, but on these “romantic” holidays I yearn for the simplicity of the patriarchy, when women could expect flowers or candy and men could expect a warm welcome. Now I’m supposed to figure out romantic gifts for VD and anniversaries? He wants things like four-wheelers or dump trucks or a cement-floored barn. It’s all impossible.


Been married for a year and a half, and we’re legitimately in “we’ve got other things going on right now” mode so we have no special plans. I should probably at least make the token effort and have some flowers and/or chocolate, though, shouldn’t I? Ugh.


You’re in trouble. Ha! 4.5 years in now, I fell for that the first go around.

Now, I book the restaurant first week of January. You don’t want to be the poor sap trying to pull reservations together one week before.

Edit: 9:00 PM reservations my first year married = doghouse. Lmao.

Yes, but what should SHE do? That’s really the more important question.


If only SAMA was still around. We could create a thread to discus.

I tried that like four years ago, and wound up getting him “Man Cans,” which are manfully scented candles (e.g. “sawdust” and “cut grass”) packaged in soup cans, with proceeds from the candles going to feed soup to the hungry, or some such. @SkyzykS suggested them, I think.

When he opened them he looked…like he would never ever light those candles, which he never ever has.

I hate Valentine’s Day. I should buy him some chocolates that I can eat to ease my sorrows.

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Gave her flowers,chocolates and played the song “Beautiful” by eminem in my pocket through my phone whilst giving them to her.

Wrote her a letter that shel be getting soon and im surprising her with pizza for lunch.

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Ah to be young


Nothing. My wife and I have never done anything for Valentine’s day.

However, my mom did get our 21-month-old son a bear that supposedly smells like chocolate. He’s really into sniffing everything right now, so this should be more than enough entertainment for the day.


I’ve gotten her a basket of flowers and a box of chocolates from me and Kiddo for when she gets home tonight. She’s on long hours launching her own program at work, so it will probably be Valentines day when she gets home. Tomorrow I’m going to make her a nice shrimp alfredo/pasta dinner.

We’ll see about the weekend. The above should buy me some time till then.


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Single, ergo, nada, zip, zilch, squat (and maybe squats.)

Just made him. Banana chocolate chip muffins on the cooling rack. Work out in the nude while he’s getting ready. When he gets home from work, I got some nice surprises for him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Grilling steaks and I’ll make my killer sweet potato fries and cucumber salad. Then we’ll see if we eat too much and how tired we are. Prolly watch something and fall asleep. Happy valentines to all those who might feel lonely. Treat yourself!

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We’re engaged (been together about 5 years total though) and we’ve been living in our recently purchased home for one month: She said to skip Valentine’s Day. But my mother didn’t raise an idiot!

Got up early this morning to put out a display of roses, dark chocolate cashew patties (local company), wall plaque with cheesy saying on it, and a card with a poem I wrote in it.

This past weekend I went to the butcher to get a blend of ground beef and pork. Went to the local pasta guy and got handmade noodles and tomato cream sauce. Friday night she will be getting amazing spaghetti with meat sauce AND meatballs and we’ll be opening a nice bottle of Pinot that we bought in Portland when we got engaged. She will also be getting tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the theatre (off-Broadway production).


Card and a bouquet of roses and some of the same type of flowers she had in her wedding bouquet (first year of marriage).

Other than that…both going to the gym after work together, but we’ll train separately. And given we’re both cutting at the moment, we’ve agreed that I’ll take her to her favourite restaurant in a couple of weeks, which has the added benefit of meaning we won’t be constrained to a set menu.

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Tonight wife is working overnight so I’ll be with the dogs; will probably do some chores and practice on the piano … won’t see her until after work tomorrow. I bought her flowers Monday. We’re going to dinner Saturday night at one of our favorite restaurants where every bite is worth the price b/c it’s fucking delicious.

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