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Valentines Day

alright v-day is right around the corner, whadda am I supposed to get my girl. Weve been going out 6mnths and its serious, but we both know it will end when she graduates this year… something personal, something generic like choc/flowers, should I be cheesy and make her a card… suggestions?? and guys, I already got her a vibrator and the sex is plenty kinky enough that I dont need any new toys…

v-day is a hallmark holiday. don’t worry about it. skip it.

Toys ‘R’ Us …HUGE stuffed animal.

bionic - you really want him to be stuck in the doghouse, don’t you!

“we both know it will end when she graduates this year” if that’s the case, just spend a nice evening together and maybe some flowers or something. making a card is NOT cheesy, but if the relationship is not going to last long term, neither does your gift. depending on your budget, dinner and a night at a bed and breakfast is very nice and will be memorable for both of you… but that is easily in the $200 range. if you’re going to do dinner by itself i suggest someplace you’ve never been before so that it is special.

Hello Kitty Vibrator. I bought a couple of these, and the girls love them! It makes you think of Hello Kitty in a whole new way.

I’m with bionicwoman. My wife and I have never bought each other presents for the traditional gift-giving holidays because we feel that it is insincere and forced. However, we make a practice of suprising each other with little gifts throughout the year.

I feel that women who expect their men to give them things just because it’s a holiday are being a bit too superficial and possibly greedy.

“I feel that women who expect their men to give them things just because it’s a holiday are being a bit too superficial and possibly greedy.” personally, I have never failed to give a man I’m with a gift. I don’t think it’s greed - not for everyone at least - for many people, myself included, it’s just another day to make 100000% sure that the man i am with knows exactly how special to me he is. (though it’s best to do that every day of the year, sometimes life gets in the way…)

Michelle and all, how about if I cook her dinner and then take her a nice hotel for the evening? thanks, Ed

Get a good card…rent a good Movie…snuggle up real close…and reinforce to her how much you love her…

Go for a nice dinner, complete with a bottle of good wine. Go back to your place, change into some comfy clothes and just before you pop in a some acid jazz or trip hop, take one hit of MDMA each. As you start to feel all warm and fuzzy, run a bubble bath for the two of you. Your hypersensitive skin will feel electric…you won’t want the night to end…

cooking dinner and then to a hotel is good. i would try for the b&b if you can though, and they run about as much as a hotel and are much higher on the ‘romantic’ scale

MDMA is …?

If your relationship is for sure going to end soon, after graduation, then I think you should get her something personal. Something that she will always remember. You should know what kinds of things that would be important to her. Just a reminder, almost all girls love roses and candy in addition to something from the heart. This insures your good-night lay-if you know what I mean. Good luck and heres to great mind-blowing sex on V-Day!!!

MDMA is ecsatcy, or e. Although it is a powerful drug that has unforunately messed up a few irresponsible rave kids, it still is an incredible experience. Plus no hangovers and no calories!

…no calories AND NO SHORT TERM MEMORY!!! That stuff is destuctive. Please read about it before trying it. Don’t mean to sound like anyone’s Mom, but I have friend’s that use it “recreationally” and none of them can remember crap.