Valentine's Day Rave


I just bought a house and I am about to turn that motherfucker into an asylum! 24/7 Party place!

If you are in or around Ohio, on February 14,2009 let me know, I’ll hook you up with some directions

Do you have neighbors within shouting distance? Have you bribed the police? Have you checked the max capacity/occupancy laws for asylums in Ohio? You got a band for that party?

and if i’m going all the way to ohio this better be bangin lol

Awesome weekend to break-in your place…good luck with your party man!

me and the roommates are busy planning an anti-valentine’s day party at our place.

What part of Ohio we talking ?

[quote]VON_Ballack wrote:
Awesome weekend to break your place…



You just bought a house and the first thing you want is a bunch of people to break and steal your stuff and beer stains and cigarette burns all over your carpet and furniture?

Whats the address? ;]

ayo family!

i’m out in the boondocks, near Bowling Green Ohio, no neighbors for miles

just finished converting this farm to a hardcore paty spot

my bro is a dj so yes, there will be live entertainment, strippers, possibly a mosh pit if the mood is right lol

i got my security team from my club to help out so nothing gets outta hand

got some cuties comin through for sure!

a small cover charge is required, but no big deal, all drinks are free until theyre gone

must be 21 and up

so yeah, come bang it out with Count and Countess Rouckula!!

celebrate this holiday the way it was meant to be celebrated,


I used to live 20 minutes from there, shame.

[quote]WS4JB wrote:
I used to live 20 minutes from there, shame.[/quote]

damn brotha,

definitely plannin on havin more parties here, if u ever come around you always got a place to get wasted!