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Valentines Day Present Ideas


anyone have any good ideas for a really nice thing for valentines day?


I've been thinking about getting my wife and remote car starter...What do other women here think? Is that a good idea or not?

To the poster:
Jewelery is always good. I don't think you can really go wrong so long as it's a good quality peice.

There's always the ol' day spa message treatment thing.

CD's, DVD's, dinners...lots of ideas.


This is always a hit


i think that no matter what you do for her, no matter where you take her, and no matter what you buy her, so long as the idea comes from some other guy on T-Nation, that is what really counts



Last year I got my girl a book of some of Pablo Neruda's love poems, I think they were originally written by him specifically for his wife, so they are even better than most of this other love poems and odes (which are quite good in my opinion). It has been said that Shakespear best defined love and Neruda best described it, his poetry is some really powerful stuff. I got her flowers and all the other cliche stuff too, but the book definitely paid the biggest dividends over time.


Valentine's gift for a guy: www.fleshlight.com



Girl: "I love it! How did you come up with this, sweetie?"

Guy: "Vegita told me on that steeeeroid site!"


Most girls I've dated have always liked the spagetti basket at papa gino's.


We booked a honeymoon suite with a jaccuzi, chocolates, and an iced bottle of champagne. I can't friggin wait!!!!


Ragoo, that is rag-tastic. Have a great time!

As for me, I'm allowing the existence of a kitten in my home, at my GF's choosing for valentines day...

If you knew me you'd know how big of a gift that is.



Crap. I read this out loud to my wife, and now she likes elevationgain more than me. (I have denied her a feline for 20 years.)


I feel sorry for you. Cats are evil!


you say rag-tastic, i say fag-tastic ... but whatever

a little extra pussy can't hurt


A little extra 'hairy' pussy. (that might not hurt but its sure not enjoyed too much)


I figure I'll buy her some vaccumn cleaner bags and a new sponge for the sink.


A remote car starter? Did she say she wanted that? If not, I would say not such a great idea. The room with a jacuzzi tub idea is a good one. V-Day should be romantic!


awsome idea the car starter!


I'm getting an upgrade on her diamond necklace. My jewelry store lets me take in an item and upgread it. I've been moving the size up every so often.


I'd go with one of these t-shirts. Slightly suggestive, yes, perhaps. Still great though.


It takes about 30 s before you get to the interesting part.


We don't believe in Valentines day. My husband does so much for me year 'round to show how much he loves me, I'm not gonna judge him based on what he does on one day in February.
If you feel you must do something, make it sincere. Price is not important, the thought that goes into it is.