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Vaginal Tightness

I’m not sure if this is just coincidence but I’ve noticed that girls that are athletic and more “in shape” seem to have tighter pussies than average girls.Discuss.

I cannot totally agree but do see some fact in your statement. I tend to think that girls…or rather women who are more in touch with themselves sexually seem to have more pc control. Some might say this comes with age but I’d have to disagree at least halfway there as well. Overall I’d say that there is no set standard for this one. Unless like I mentioned the female exercises these muscles frequently (no I don’t mean getting _ucked).

Hey, there you are Wideguy! How did I know I would find you here. Haha

The more athletic you are the better all your muscles tend to be developed. Here’s something I recently learned and wish I’d known 22+ years ago: women that ride horses, not just sit there but ride dressage, cross country, or any serious equestrian activity which requires a move called a ‘half halt’(which constitutes a Kegel for the PC muscle along with some lower back tightening) have some deadly PC strength.

Some women are just tight from the way they’re built too. Of course you never know how warm the water is until you dive in.

It would stand to reason that a fit chick would be tighter than a lazy one. Think about what you do when you squat, a lot of internal pressure. Women prolly do the Kegal squeeze to keep from pissing themselves, thus a tighter manhole.



Just coincidence, but I’ve noticed that after I wreck havoc on a woman’s genitals with Mjolnir (my happy hammer), that woman not only can not have kids or sit right for a week, but she can also serve me scrambled eggs in the morning.

ZEB, why do you even open the threads when you have nothing to contribute other than your usual bitchy comments? Did Wideguy make the PFO on your sister or something?

I’ve found no correlation between being athletic and vaginal tightness. I think it all depends on genetics plus the amount of control a girl has over her musculature, whether it be from dick riding, horse riding, pc exercises, or her vibrator.

Hmmm.Yeah it probably is just coincidence then but that’s the way it always is in my experience.

I think the muscle is named the “kegal.” Or something like that. It is a circular muscle which can be contracted like any other muscle. The chicks that workout would probably have more control over this contraction. Oh how I love to pound the gym hotties

The muscle is called the pubococcygeal muscle.

pubococcygeal muscle. say that 5 times real fast.
zeb please go back in the closet. tia

scrub and mdog,

Just a little good natured kidding with wideguy. I didn’t think me kidding with him would somehow effect you guys!

Are you both premenstrual today?

(just so that you both understand, I am kidding once again)

Just put it in the ass if you’re worried.

I agree with Ben. Go in the hershey highway. It should always be tight.

I’ve noticed that girls with no kids have tighter pussies than women that have kids.

no shit thrasher. You try bringing a watermelon out of your asshole and see if your asshole is looser or tigher afterwards.

Taste like chicken.

“or any serious equestrian activity which requires a move called a ‘half halt’(which constitutes a Kegel for the PC muscle along with some lower back tightening) have some deadly PC strength.”

Yeah it all makes sense now, my gf is on the school equestrian team and when she “rides” and gets excited it feels like a vice grip on my turgid member. It actually feels neat when she does it on purpose and less intensely.

i know, that’s why i used the “tia”.haha

leave it to colin to recomend the poop shoot.