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Vagina Gun, Bang Bang


Damn that is hardcore.


If you got shot with that, would bring a whole new meaning to "sleeping with the fishes".


Talk about "concealed". At least it wasn't a shot gun!


And if the bullet doesn't kill you, the STDs will.


That takes the "pink persuader" to another level.... I give her an A for effort.



Well, I guess if you like sex with a bang... get a gun.

I wonder how many times she orgasmed while ramming it up there...


It makes a whole new meaning of the word "banged".


In related news:

At least the woman had a snub nose. And a vagina. Look at the size of the revolver in the picture from the above link. Damn.


Good to know that he can take an 8 inches in the ass.


Hey, at least it's a "skill" that will serve him well in jail lol.


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Wow, this is pure gold in here..I didn't want to click this one at work, but glad I visited while at home. Let's see how long we can keep this one going...

If a snuke is a nuke in a snizz, then this would be pusstol?

  1. I guess you could say she was packing some serious heat.

  2. Who ever said when women get excited there isn't a discharge?

  3. You may be only able to go for one round, but she's got at least 5 in her.


Am I the only one who read the title in my head as if it was being sung by Nancy Sinatra?


She could give a new meaning to pussy whipped.

Better a gun then a cross bow.

Maybe hernandez dropped his gun in her hoochie coochie to dispose of evidence. Dead mans blood and crack go hand in hand or in this case steel to skin.

Something tells me this wasn't her first run in with a firearm, I hope she didn't smudge her lipstick.


Takes "vaginal discharge" to a whole new level