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Vacuum and Plank for Flat Abs?

Hello! Faced with a problem that I can not solve for a long time. My stomach keeps falling out, and when I lie down, it’s flat. Many trainers said that I should do vacuum and plank, but it is obvious that this does not help. Would be glad to have some advice.

I’m confused what you mean by “my stomach keeps falling out”.


Sorry, I wrote it as I felt. When I stand up straight, it looks like there is overweight, but it’s flat when I am lying down.

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If what I’m understanding is correct, that sounds like exactly what I experience when I’m at higher body fat. When you lie on your back, gravity does its job and flattens your stomach, when you’re standing up it has the opposite effect and makes it look worse. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but rest assured that if that is the case, there’s more than the two of us in this boat.


Pictures would be helpful, you could have pelvic tilt due to weak glutes/tight hip flexor, it could be all in your mind or you could just be fatter than you realise.


If i understand what you mean, i would say you need to get leaner to solve your problem but like @kd13 said pics would help

How it looks when you’re standing up and relaxed is how it is. If it looks overweight that way, you’re overweight. Doing vacuums and planks isn’t going to solve that necessarily - you want to build your abs while trying to lose bodyfat, and your gut will go away.


Yeah pics would help
Height and weight?
Level of training/squat and bench maxes?

i had the same pelvic tilt a bit but i don’t have any pain in my back, even for some peoples that is not a bad things.

Vaccuum and plank is the key i really think that, even when i was skinny i can get the same shit, but when i work correctly abs and plank is less, and for the vacuum u need time to have the skill to do this exercices correctly

pictures dude, but even my brother who are skinny have the same shit lol, and is not fat, a lot of african peoples have the pelvic tilt i don’t know why

my experience says that is a problem of stomach core, even some “fat” peoples don’t have the stomach “out”