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Vaccination Canada Exemption


Does anyone have any experience or know how to be exempted from getting the flu shot in Canada? specifically a healthcare employee. It is a tricky situation. The flu shot is "mandatory" only due to the big pharmas needing to cash in, I'd like to avoid them guinea pigging me for their financial gain


Stop working in healthcare?


take a sick day... or just take the shot? Why are you against it?


It's apart of the job maybe? It's mandatory because of possibly a break out someplce in the country or a annual thing. If there is a break out at the hospital or your place of work and you are not vaccinated, you will not be allowed to go to work.

Take the chance and make no money or get a free shot and make money regardless?


If that is the only reason you don't want to get it then my advice is; knuckle under and get it. There are better ways to oppose big pharma's cash-ins without assassinating your own career.


So what do you do in healthcare?


It's not for me but a friend who shares the same opinion and is doing psych, needs to do placements


Claim to be a muslim, point out that Salk who invented the polio vaccine was a dirty Jew, and thus that all vaccinations are a dirty Jew plot against muslims.

All governments fall for this line of B.S., especially Canadian ones.


As someone who has been in the medical field as a respiratory therapist, nurse and Nurse practitioner since 1992, just get the shot.

Yes you or your friend could get the flu and live, no big deal.

BUT working in the field your friend could pass it on to someone that it will fucking kill.

Elderly and children across North America routinely every year 30,000 die from the flu.

Dont be that guy.


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