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Vacation's Effect on Body Composition


I just got back from a week at the beach. After turning 21 last weekend and drinking for the first time in about 1 month and a half, I spent a week with the family at the beach. I ate clean most of the time, having only a few meals that I would consider "cheating", however, I couldn't get over how a week out of the gym and with lackluster food seemed to make my body feel.

This summer I have gotten body fat down to single digits, I'm pretty sure, with abs appearing very defined, however, I can't get over how this tightness seems to go away with a vacation week. I guess what I'm asking is have any of you who have managed to b/f % pretty low, ever noticed how little it seems to take to feel like you've added several % points after a few cheat meals or a night of drinking?

I'm not obsessing here, just wanted to know if I'm the only one that feels that in the better shape you get the easier it is to notice slight changes in body composition.


Man for some reason I go on Vacation and come back leaner. Just due to the activity level etc. This last week vacation was the first I remember coming back and weighing the same. I made a point however to eat like the average American slob. LOL

Hey at least you should come back renewed and ready to go.

Also if you are truely in single digits then that will be VERY unreasonable for 99% of people to saty at year round. Well to stay there and make good progress in lift #'s and adding size.

Anyway thats my take.



Yup. But who really cares? A bunch of it is water weight. And the fat that has been gained tends to come off pretty easily once you're back into your normal lifestyle. Unless you're bulking where you'd expect some fat gain (even if you can minimize it) along with muscle



If you really ate clean most meals you could not really have put any appreciable fat on in such a short time. just a little extra water and maybe a pound or two.

Also agree with Phil. Most times I come bacl slkightly leaner after a vac.

Also agree that it would not really be a tremendous positive to maintain such a low body fat as a constant.


Yeah. This can happen over vacation too. Sometimes I'll gain some fat. But sometimes, I'll lose. I lost a little weight over the last 4 days. I was away-got back last night. I'll often end up eating little over vacations. You're out late and sleep late. Sometimes I'll only eat two fairly big meals of whatever food I feel like. Even with the booze at night, I'm probably consuming less calories than normal. And depending on the vacation, I may be fairly active during the day. Over an extended vacation, this would lead to muscle loss. But over shorter periods of time, probably not much if any.