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Vacation Training

So right before my shower I decided to bust out as many pushups as I can do, well it felt great. I got up to 81 which was a step from 2 months ago were I was at 70.Anyway that got me thinking about this summer where I will be going to Bosnia for about 5 weeks.

Anyway I won’t have any weights with me so I decided to make a little program that I can do when ever I want, I just want to know what u guys think of it. Basically I won’t have anything except some free space, and a ledge off some stairs (I usually go almost every year so I know what I got to work with).

So here it is, full body bodyweight workout:

Warm up:

  • 10 min run/or jumping jacks and shadow boxing

  • Freestanding handstand pushups 3x max reps
    -ledge pull-ups 3x max reps

  • Pushups 3x max reps

  • Dead hang pull-ups 3x max reps

  • pistols 3x10

  • jumping squats-2x max

3x max L-sit

Stretching- quad, calf, shoulder?blah blah blah

-Planche/front lever static holds at the end

I think this should take me about 1 hour-1.5 hours, anyway I want to do it 3 times a week or whenever I feel like it but I am going to try to get in 3 times a week. Also I am going to be swimming a lot so that’s some good news?finally