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Vacation Spots w/ Good Gyms?


I just wanted to start a thread to discuss vacation spots that had good gym facilities, while also allowing you to have a legit vacation. (This applies to US and International)

Also, for those who are well versed with experience in foreign countries, which have the best facilities, equipment, etc.


Venice Beach


I should also include in the question:

Where did you stay?


I travel a lot. I can't help you out internationally, but in the states, ask the desk if they are members of a gym. Do a little pre-planning and call them. If not spend a little time on yahoo maps. I have found:

24-hour fitness isn't bad except in Fontana, CA and Central Houston (medical district). Cost is usually around $10.

Balley's isn't bad either and half the time they don't charge you a guest fee.

Most of the local family fitness centers are pretty good and are cheap. Christus St. Whatever it is in that city.

Just do a little research before you go anywhere.


hoosegow, that is what i normally do- like when i went to DC is buy a week pass at golds gym or whatever fitness facility is available

i was mainly wondering if there were any specific hotels worth noting ...or if anyone had a good vacation spot that also happens to have a gym nearby or in the hotel.


This to me, is an oxymoron. Take a week off for Pete's sake...even though Pete's doing well.

Why would you want to plan a vacation around your workouts? Hell, do some pushups and pullups. A vacation is an ESCAPE FROM USUAL DAILY ACTIVITIES. This includes the gym.

How long is your vacation?


its just a topic... im not going on vacation immediately, it just never hurts to have a place in mind

And whats so bad about wanting to work out on vacation- it feels good. To each his own. For me- i happen to like exercising on vacation.


In Vegas (well, Henderson actually), there's a huge Gold's gym with everything most training sessions need. It seemed like a good environment because from what I remember, the people in the weight room were taking it seriously.


Nothing bad about it, But I would never plan a vacation around gym availability if it's 2 weeks or less.


I second the Vegas advice. There are good gyms/health clubs in a couple of the casinos on the strip and there is a new Powerhouse Gym off the strip.


Well, I'm not sure I'd plan my vacation around a gym, but here are some decent gyms in different locations:

Baton Rouge - Foxy's
DFW and Houston, Tx - 24 Hour Fitness
Texarkana, Tx - Christus St Anthony/Michael/whatever Wellness Center. They let you in for free if you stay at the Hampton.
Seguin, Tx - Seguin Fitness (Gary Pendergrass is one of the most knowledgeable powerlifters I have met)
New Braunfels, Tx - Worlds Gym
Slidell, LA - Slidell Athletic Club
Berkley, CA - 24 Hour Fitness was an interesting place to people watch
Phoenix - Worlds Gym
Salt Lake City - 24 Hour
Denver - 24 Hour
Fontana/Etiwanda/Rancho Cucumonga area - I liked the Bally's.
Jacksonville, Fl Worlds Gym. The monsters come out after dark.
That's all I can think of right now.