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Vacation Planning Time

Hello Friends!

I don’t know about you all but I am looking at vacation destinations for this summer. I need something exciting to look forward to and want to get it booked. Keep in mind I only have a week at a time to take off. I love mountains and beaches both as long as I’m outside I’m a happy lady! Oh and fishing spots are a plus. I don’t have kids so it doesn’t need to be kid friendly.

Questions: where have you been that was amazing… Any cool places where your from with breathtaking views… I am open to any ideas and cost isn’t an issue.

Thanks for any help!

We did an all inclusive resort in Cancun that was awesome. No kids allowed. Guests from all over the world. About 12 different kinds of restaurants, and about 10 bars with top shelf liquor. Nightly shows, pools, a spa, and a private beach.

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Also, Jackson WY is pretty damn nice if you want to fish, camp, rub elbows with billionaires, and stare in awe at the Grant Tetons (also known as the American Alps). Just an hour’s drive or so from Yellowstone too.

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Let’s see… mountains, ocean, big fish… Alaska!


@studhammer thank you for posting! That’s great and exactly the type of information I was looking for. I didn’t think about an adult cruise :grin:
@ChickenLittle that is a great too but do you have any suggestions specifically on a location in Alaska? I was hoping for more feedback if you have been somewhere cool there…

@studhammer wait I just looked at your post again and it was a resort… I didn’t know they had ones for adult crowds! Nice!

We went to the Anchorage area. We drove from Texas to Anchorage so we got to see quite a bit. It was beautiful. Went to a couple of the mines and looked for gold, went hiking in some forest where the damn plants are Jurassic. Always wanted to go the Nome, but haven’t make it yet. The fishing is awesome! Got to see all kinds if different critters! We enjoyed it!


@ChickenLittle WOW!! That was a long trip but I’m sure the drive was beautiful. I wish I had time for a road trip like that. Looking for gold sounds like new fun. I’m going to look up fishing in Anchorage and see what they have. Thank you!

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@Yogi1 that would be a trip of a lifetime!! On my bucket list but haven’t looked into it much.

make it happen then, countrygirl! Flip was here last year and it was awesome.

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@Yogi1 Yes I need to! I’m sure it is breathtakingly beautiful there. What area do you recommend?


Scotland is tiny; you could see the whole country in a couple of days. It’d make sense to do Ireland and London (only place worth going in England) at the same time if you were planning on a longer trip.

@Yogi1 I would love to take a couple of weeks and make it happen! I may never want to come back though. Seeing all of that would be hard to leave. I might also look into getting a tour guide to hopefully make it go smooth. I also want to see what time of year is the best for it.

well I think I could recommend a tour guide for the Scotland part. His name is Yogi.

Summer would be best for Scotland, but it’s not the sort of country where you could ever really count on getting good weather! You’re always at the mercy of the rain here but if you do get nice weather it’s beautiful, particularly up in places like Skye. Edinburgh’s a great city year round. August is the best time of year in Edinburgh because of the festival but it’s REALLY expensive. Over xmas is cool too.

If you do ever decide to come here, hit me up and I’ll be happy to help out. When Flip told me he was coming I shot him an email with some ideas of stuff so I’ll happily do the same for you.

I just hope you can hold your drink…


Re: the all-inclusive in Cancun, I’ve done that twice (once with family, once with friends). They are really nice, service is usually quite good and once you’re there you might as well eat and drink like a king because it’s alteady paid for. On the “down” side it’s not really an adventurous or outdoorsy vacation. Best used if going with a couple of friends when you just want to lay low, enjoy some drinks and beach time.

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to go too far from home (you’re in West Virginia right?) then Traverse City, Michigan is gorgeous over the summer and has a vibrant wine/beer culture. Same can be said for Erie, PA area as well. Those are both cool “long weekend” trips if you can’t drop a grand on a plane ticket.

Hawaii is my absolute favorite place ever, but that also costs some serious cash to get to and it’s an awful long plane ride from here, so I wouldn’t go there unless you can spend two weeks, just because the trip there is so long that you basically lose a day on either side.

Arizona is also really cool, if you’ve never been, the Grand Canyon and Sedona are both spectacular sights.

Finally, if you want a plain old beach vacation that’s an easy flight, my fam had vacationed in Clearwater, FL a few times and enjoyed that.

I think one question is whether you’re going with family / friends / significant other / solo. Not to pry, but obviously some things are more fun with a group or hubby while others can be quite enjoyable as a solo trip!




But seriously, Australia is where it’s at :smile:

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Need a new liver? Lol


Exactly why I can’t come to Scotland. I’d be laying in a gutter with empty bottles of scotch.

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@Yogi1 that would be awesome and I am sure you would be a great guide! I might need to talk to Flip first and see what he thinks about you :joy: I would love to be there in August for the festival even if more expensive I want the experience. So cool alright I’ll look into it for maybe next year when I can get two weeks. Also can brush up on my drinking skills between now and then :beers: