Vacation - Minimizing the Damage

On July 16th I will be going to Mexico for an 8-day vacation. Then, two days after I return, I’ll be going to Vegas for a 4-day business trip. Both trips will offer limitless amounts of alcohol along with delicious meals, free, every day. I want to enjoy myself as much as possible while I am away, so I will be drinking a good amount, and enjoying the food. But, I do plan on taking supplements to help minimize damage as much as possible. I was wondering if any of you have been in similar situations, and have recommendations that may help me out. Any information is greatly appreciated.

In case you wanted to know, I am 5?10?, 155 lbs, 9% bf. I am in the middle of a strict cycle that will hopefully put on some lean mass while minimizing fat gain. This cycle was timed to end 2 days before I leave for trip #1.

Thanks for your help!

Man really there is no magic pill to make up for a crappy diet for 12 days.

I suggest you simply enjoy yourself on your vacation. Limit the damage somewhat yourself. and save the supps. for when you get back.

You will be fired up, well fed and rested. Stoked for massive gains in the GYM.

Just my 2cc.

Every now and again we all have to relax a bit. 12 days is a long bit though.


Exactly, which is the only reason why I ask. I won’t be taking my Hot-Rox, or like products with me. Because well, there’s just no point, and they’re too valuable to waste. But if there are certain small things I can do, in addition to somewhat limiting myself, that may help out, I’d like to take advantage.

More than likely, I’ll just say f it and have fun.

[quote]More than likely, I’ll just say f it and have fun.[quote]

lol, That is the best advice yet. Have fun and just limit your damage through a little self control. I mean if you gorge your self at a buffet dont go to anohter on 2 hrs later. LOL.

12 days may be a long time, and do some damage but you will have new fire and something to work for when you get back.

As well as probably having a couple of the greatest w/o’s in some time do to the massive amount of stored glycogen and excess fuel. lol.

If you are really set on limitng the Damage check out some of LL’s articles. He has all kinds of little tricks.

Have fun


Banging hookers is great cardio! Dude just have fun! I imagine you’ll do some self regulating anyways, 12 days is a long binge, although I’ve done it :wink:

take along some b-vitamins to deal with all the alcohol. might even save you a hangover or two. try to sleep as much as you can, since that will catch up with you pretty fast. and if they give you desert, eat half of it. that will put the fat on fastest. fill up on dinner and real foods. three days was rough on me!! i can’t imagine 12. damn, i must be getting old :frowning: