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Vacation Ideas


The San Francisco thread got me to thinking about vacations. In December I will be done with one of my major goals (the other was getting back in shape) and I feel the need for a vacation. I have not had the chance to take a vacation in five years or so.

What are some of the best vacations you guys have taken? I am considering St Maarten, or a trip back home to Scotland. I will most likely be going alone. Beach vacations, city vacations, US, International, doesn't matter to me.
Lets hear em.


Kenya, Egypt or Tonga but I'd go just about anywhere even probably Iraq.


I've always wanted to go back to Arizona ever since I went there as a teenager. Beautiful state. If you stay in Flagstaff (Grand Canyon National Park - absolutely breathtaking if CA isn't on fire), Las Vegas is about a 4 hour drive away.

I'm usually on a budget when it comes to vacations, so I usually end up in New Orleans or Austin, since they're both within driving distance of Houston.


Maui, Hawaii.


Vegas is always good.


How bout Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Lots of beautiful beaches and you can stay 3 months visitor visa upon arrival.


This shall be my new home as of May 10th!!!




I'm going to Spain in May 2006.


I acutally lived in Abu Dhabi and went to kindergarten there in the mid 70s.
Thats a great Idea, Bahrain might be fun as well.


This is true, I am heading up there for a long weekend later this year for a buddy's bachelor party.


Egypt is a GREAT idea, I have always wanted to see the pyramids. All that stuff fascinates me. My parents were married in Cairo, and I do remember them telling me that is somewhere I need to visit sometime in my life.

Thanks for all the suggestions!


If you want something closer to home you could try Central America. Guatemala has pyramids (Tikal), beaches, highlands... beautiful country and cheap too. Also good for traveling on your own... easy to meet other travelers, and Guatemalans are super friendly as well.


I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, and it was great -- in fact, I would generally recommend Mexico's Pacific Coast as a good destination -- depending on how far down you want to go, you can get anything from desert to jungles, with nice beaches the whole way down. You can also stay in either big resort towns or tiny fishing villages, which can be as close to each other as a half hour's drive.