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Vacation.... How Can I Prevent Loss?


I will be gone for three weeks. There is also a chance of being quarantined for a week. Assuming I'm unable to find a gym, do you guys have any ideas on how to prevent any losses. Maybe pushups, etc. ???


Well, a week of no training in that span may be beneficial, since most people never deload. Your body will be able to heal all of the damage that stays around during hard training. As far as the other weeks, push ups in different hand positions, and with feet at different heights can take care of a lot of your upper body. Maybe find somewhere to do pullups?

Also, it might be good to reduce your nutrient intake a little bit during this time? Situations like this are always inconvenient.


Three weeks is quite a layoff. While a week may be good time for a deload, 3 weeks is a little too long. However, there are many great bodyweight exercises you can do. Single leg squats give a great lowerbody workout, and there are many different kinds of push up variations. If you can find a place to do pull ups than you’re just about golden. Take a look online for bodyweight only exercise routines. I seem to remember there being some articles on T-Nation concerning this. Another good website is called rosstraining.com.


If you train hard year around, taking a week off might be the best thing you could for your body. Strength/size losses over just one week off will be very minimal, if any at all. Supplementing with BCAA’s during that time can only help as well.


I read an article a while back online somewhere called ‘Third World Workouts’, they had some good bodyweight exercise ideas if I remember right. I don’t know the url, but see if you can find it, it may help.