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Vacation Help - Utah/Colorado Area

Ok, so I need some help as anytime you google it you get all the same garbage that’s been made to look perfect and usually isn’t like it’s portrayed.

What I want -

Vacation out west, in October.

Killer Mountain View’s, like just epic nature.

Good food! Lots of good food

Activities that you can be guided through, wether it be hiking or skiing or exploring, somewhere that offers a “here, take this and do this” kind of approach.

Killer views!

Things to do at night, like some decent bars or relaxed nightlife. Not looking to party hardy

Nice hotel/condo

I’ve been to Denver and done some exploring briefly in the mountains close to that. That’s basically all my experience out west. There are so many national parks, it seems hard to narrow it down.
Anybody have any ideas of places to go/stay?

How is this for killer views?



This is the Teton Range and the Snake River between Jackson and Yellowstone. Not CO or UT but better. The Park is great but to be honest, it can get a little crowded and commercial. Tons of RVs and bikers. The Teton Range has its own national park and there is hiking, fishing, Jackson has restaurants, and bars and shops. October would be a great time to visit but it will get pretty chilly at night but the days should be nice. The summer tourists should be gone too.


Yep, jackson is awesome. And it’s pretty much fully open too.

I’d add on Bend, OR. Bozeman, MT. Zion natl park, UT. Aspen, CO. Taos/santa Fe NM. san juan islands, WA. lake tahoe, ca/nv. And ketchum, ID.

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Maybe check out Moab area. There are like 3 national parks really close. You can make it to Zion in a few hours. Night life is relaxed, but there is stuff to do. If you like Mtn Biking or off roading there is a ton.

I also like the Tetons. Glacier is one of the nicest mountain parks I have been to.

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Glacier is definitely on my list. Girlfriend is coming with me so unfortunately no MTB or rock crawling, both of which I love.

Night life for Glacier is minimal (but they have restaurants in the park that have drinks, and great views), and getting to it is going to be a drive (depends on where you are in the park). Kinda the same story for the Tetons. Lot’s of driving if you are a ways in to get to night life. Tetons has significantly more to do in Jackson than any of the towns outside of Glacier.

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