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Vacation dieting

I will be going to Las Vegas on Thursday-Sunday and do not want to stray too far away from my eating plan which consists of ~400g of protein and 300 gram of carbs. What do some of you guys do when you go on vacation?

Preparing meals, timing meals etc. is tough at the best of times, but on vacation it can be a nitemare. For myself, I tend to pack an assortment of foods that I know I will need that I can use to supplement meals that I will eat in restaurants etc. I’ll bring lots of oatmeal, tuna, salmon, protein powder, nuts, beef jerkey etc and as soon as I reach my destination, I head to a grocery store to pick up some yogurt, vegetables, some fruits and whatever else I might need.

Find restaurants around your hotel that you can get healthy meals at.

Late night meals can be tricky, but you can make oatmeal using hot tap water if you have to or even use the coffee maker to get hot water to do this, then add some protein powder and you’re all set.

You’ll need to be creative, but if you plan well before you leave for vacation, you should do ok.

Dude, in Vegas just go to those Casino buffets and load up on all-you-can-eat steak for 10 bucks. Avoiding excessive free drinks is going to be your biggest problem.

yo craig… i’ll be in vegas wed-fri this week also.

just freakin eat everything in sight.

worry about it when you get home.

you can’t have fun in vegas otherwise.

enjoy the strippers!

Stay in a hotel that has rooms with kitchens or at least a mini-fridge. Find nearby grocery stores and do some shopping.

If I recall correctly, The Rio has a fabulous buffet (been rated the Best in Vegas) that contains plenty of options, even for the health-minded. There are also sushi bars and some decent Chinese restaurants in Vegas. Chinese restaurants are great for ordering chicken, steamed veggies and plain white rice.

Here is what I did over the New Year,
I think it was Albertson’s (I am Canadian) Whatever the store is as long as they have a deli that serves roasted chicken. There hot and you don’t have to have a kitchenette to prep, just mix in a bag of spinach and nuts, olives (and juice), with olive oil and shake the bag up.
Some other ideas:
-Salt & Pepper knife’s and forks from any gas station
-A bag of Spinach
-Mixed nuts
-Low fat Havarti or Feta
-A can of Mixed beans (you might want to bring a can opener)
-Olive oil, as it will keep with out refrigeration.
-Cottage cheese (low fat), or ricotta.
-Tuna, Salmon (in water) Rinse out 2x to lower sodium.
-Plastic forks and knifes
-A range of Tupper ware sizes from dollar store?, for mixing salads (alternate chicken with tuna, and salmon), cutting up chicken, mixing Grow, cottage cheese, olive oil, ricotta, fruit? mixed nuts in to the best meal ever!
-I also bought a cooler to put in the back seat and it was only $3.00?
-Then you have shakes fruit, beef grerky, and bars, it did the trick. It was also very affordable. Then only thing I struggled with was finding a can opener, so I would bring one for sure.
Have a great trip~

What the heck was I thinking? I concur, Fu-- Albertson?s, you have the best, and cheapest Buff. at your fingers. It rely shouldn’t be a problem.

beef jerky and steaks!

Are you cutting?

I was going to say, I have a hard time staying -under- 400g Protein / 300g Carbs, when I’m at Vegas.

I’m going to Puerto Rico with my girl to visit her grandparents…so I can’t turn down anything I’m offered…I’m leaving tomorrow and coming home Monday…I was worried about it’s affect on my progress but didn’t voice that to my girl…I’m not gonna be a social misfit…I’m gonna live a little and get back on the diet asap…I’m at 9-10% right now down from 17% and don’t want to mess it up but I’m gonna eat whatever they have…
you gotta live

It’s vacation, forget about your diet and working out, it’s only 3-4 days, not enough time to ruin your physique, you might even come back more motivated with your metabolic furnace stoked from actually doing some quality eating. It’s Vegas, have some fun and forget about working out and your diet, the world won’t end, just hit it hard when you get back.

??? I suggest you enjoy your friggen vacation and resume life as normal when you get home. Just use your head and portion control…or just massively diet beforehand and do a four day overfeed, LOL.