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Vacation Destination: Canary Islands

Greetings T-Nation

Have any of you been there? Any body live there?

I’m going for 2 weeks in October.
Place looks fantastic, I’m stoked.

I’m curious to know of a good GYM on Tanerife Island.

Any attractions other that the touristy stuff one can find on travel guide websites?

Best regards,

Yes ive been there.

It was a dump in the touristy areas. Many thousands of Brits go there every year for a summer of booze, sunburn, and sex.

Gym location - i cant help you but i know for sure that club la santa is on a neighbouring island and that might be good for a get away.

Get to the north of the island. Avoid the Veronicas strip, although it will be mostly empty by now.

Its still pretty hot this time of year - watch out for the black sands. Burn your damn feet!