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VA Guys: Good Endos

Im getting a hormone panel done, and was wondering if any VA guys know of a good Endocrinologist to go to if I need some assistance. I’ll be using this company for the test.


You know, the ones that don’t think 300 is normal for a 22 year old.

PM only, please.

There is more TRT traffic on the over 35 BB.

Endos don’t know shit, MD’s don’t know shit and neither do Urologists. They are all pretty much incompetent when it comes to HRT.

Like everything else in life, if you want it done right its best to do it yourself.

I recommend going threw LEF. You can order a complete male panel threw them for 220 bucks. They send you the panel and direct you to the closest place in your area to get correct bloodwork done. Its a good workup, checking all the necessary routes(FreeT, E2, TT, etc…)

You want the Male Panel Test. http://www.lef.org/newshop/items/itemLC329735.html

Good luck!