VA Blood Test

Hey guys got a quick question. Right now I am week 6 of Test E cycle. I just received a call from the VA for routine blood work and they list Test as one of the Tests to be done. Obviously unless I just bullshit and put it off for another 8 weeks most likely my test levels are going to be sky high.

So would you suggest trying to putting the blood work off for as long as possible or stopping mid cycle. I am definitely not digging stopping right now gains have just started coming full throttle. So just opinions on this would be nice.

Since you didn’t mention WHY the VA wants to test your T levels, how do you expect us to answer this question?

Its just a routine annual blood work test. The doctor said they test every year and since I am a male they test to make sure my test levels are normal. So they didn’t have a suspicion or anything just routine check up.

If you don’t have to have the tests performed right away, then just put it off if you can. Or you could just decline the T test (maybe). Otherwise your only option is to stop your cycle.

I’m not really sure what you’re confused about.

Lol ok nevermind sorry you may throw this in the Bloopers thread just for being a stupid question I see your point I apologize.