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V8 Vegetable Juice


Is this a good source of "vegetables" for a diet?

It says 2 full servings of vegetables per can.

Its got:

14g carbs
3g fiber
11g sugars
3g protein

The only thing that threw me was 880mg of sodium. Isnt that a bit high?

Also, I'd be having at least one other serving of broccoli or spinach to get my green veggies in.


get the low sodium V8


You're better off eating your vegetables whenever possible. But if you're in a hurry, it's better than nothing. Just don't rely exclusively on it as your vegetable source.


I've been using the Bolthouse Farms brand in my chili. It tastes great!

8 oz. 67 calories
458mg sodium
760mg potassium
14g carbs
2g fiber
8g sugar
2g protein and all natural


The low-sodium variety is great when you're pinched for time.

Tastes good too.


So in other words it aint the best thing but it aint the worst?


Exactly. a good addition IMO to real veggies or when one is pressed for time.