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V8 Fusion Juice

I recently got a cold and feel like shit, needless to say my caloric intake dropped due to my not wanting to eat and sleeping all day. I decided to drink a bottle of V8 fusion juice which is fruit and veggie juice, and around 700 calories per day. When i get better I think I’m going to add this juice at one bottle per day to my bulk.

I’m currently eating 6-7 meals a day trying to gain weight ( 187 @ approx 15% bf). Just wondering if anyone thinks this is a good idea or will all the added sugar lead to more fat gain than anything? Thanks

Impossible to answer without knowing the rest of your diet and how you respond to carbohydrates.

The best advice is to try it and see what happens. It’s amazing that more people don’t do this.

A few things I noticed with your post

  • You are bulking at 15% bodyfat

  • You have horrible taste in beverages (JUst kidding here)

Any excess calories will be stored as body fat if you aren’t careful about when you eat or drink them. (This is taking into account the assumption that you are lifting intensely as well.) If you drank it after you worked out, I wouldn’t see any problem. Just make sure you don’t depend on it. Drinking takes away chewing which will cause your body to think that you need to eat more. Again though, I don’t see why you are bulking at 15% bodyfat. This is just me though. I know someone is going to come in here and shit all over this post, I would say it isn’t a horrible choice, just make sure you are drinking it around your workout.

I say around 15% as a rough estimate. My bodyweight has been fluctuating due to water intake and loss while being sick. Im not even going to add the word cut into my vocab until i see 200+ on the scale. Im actually doing a body composition in my fitness prescription lab on friday so ill have a more solid answer then.

About the taste, it actually doesn’t taste all that bad. Im drinking an acai berry one today its pretty good actually. Do you think this would be best during my workout, or after with a protein shake for a quick carb boost?

I have to take back what I wrote earlier… V 8 Blueberry Pomegranite is offically “my” drink. It’s like sex in your mouth. In repliance to your most recent post:

Drinking it peri-workout has been shown to boost strength gains. So you could use it during your workout. Just remember that even though it is 100% fruit juice, it still has approx. 25 grams of sugar per serving. Everything in moderation. I know that is said over and over, but it is said for a reason; too much of anything will have a negative impact. Except for love, you can never have too much love.

too much sex isn’t bad either

But on the real. I drink plain v8. Straight up veggies and vitamin C. The sugars and carbs are a pain, but what can ya do.

Yeah love is definitely a good one. And money, cars, clothes, and hoes… i suppose.

But yeah thanks for the input I’ll give it a shot during and after my workout and see what happens. Thanks a lot man.