V Taper Workout, Other Training?

Hey Coach, quick question: In your V Taper workout article, it says to do the workout twice a week, my question is if you are supposed to do any other training? Back , Chest, Arms for maintanence? Can you add extra lat work to further exentuate the V Taper?

Also, how many sets should you do for the Muscle Snatch and Overhead carry? Only 1?


Of course you do other training, what kind of question is that??? This is an add-on to your training week.

3-4 work sets

Aight Christian, is this a good add on to the Best Natrual Plan Part 2, replacing shoulder work for example?

It would not be a suitable replacement since the volume is contrary to the two Prepatory sets and one work set the entire “best damn” philosophy is built on.

Can it be used in Built For Battle, where you replace two days for this specific workout?