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   Under most circumstances we would all like to be a V.I.P.

At the club, at school, the Doctors office and especially (for T-peeps anyway) at the water fountain, like when Mr. Curlinarak is taking his sweet ass time filling his 47 gallon jug he brings with him in case he is forced to trek across the freakin’ Sahara before Gym personnel allow him to get in his Suburban and drive home to his ranch style bungalow with his 2.5 and picket’s.




I think I hate him.

But this is not about Mr. Curlinarak, this (as stated in the title) is about V.I.P’s, of course this is NOT about the kind of V.I.P’s that you may think, these V.I.P’s are the:

Viagra. Impacted. Penises

Now as appealing as it is to launch into a soliloquy dedicated to the mighty penis (in particular, mine) this is not about that either. This is all about those that surround us and are the sorts of folk that are intolerant and “rigid” (see, the Viagra does indeed tie in somewhere…) and seemingly TOTALLY incapable of learning anything from their fellow T-Men (and Vixens too!). You know who they are. As soon as you see their name you scroll past the post because you KNOW what it is going to say, you can taste the intolerance and smell the ignorance. One dimensional does not begin to describe their “personality” and much time would be saved if josh could just hook up a link that would automatically spew forth random, incoherent “am not, are too!” statements and maybe even some inflammatory, offensive comments just to ensure a realistic “flair”. If josh were so inclined, I bet we would never know the difference.

As we hide behind screen names and feel comfortable in expressing ourselves in the most Honest and Ingenuous manner, it is easy to see our real colours, we don’t get to hide behind quick smiles and batting eyelashes, as soon as you hit “send”, that’s it. In other words, “You are what you write”. Not to say that we all haven’t hit the button too soon and regretted it but as a rule I think this stands. For some of us our chosen Handle indicates something about the person behind the screen and although it is poor etiquette to ask “why” (just like in jail, “What are you in for?”…or so I’m told anyway…I swear, really, just what I’m told…) we are so named, PM’s and electronic relationships lead to the discovery of this info often enough and most often when the reason is revealed you say “Ahhh…makes sense, it fits”

Reading these posts it soon becomes obvious that the naked truth about some of our brethren is just not pretty ( like peeking in Timmy P’s bathroom window and ruining your ability to ever enjoy hair gel, long baths and polka music at the same time again) Although their persistence in pissing in the soup may make lukewarm this here community that is T-Mag, we should make sure to enjoy those that DO make a positive impact here. I would be remiss if I did not give props to some notables such as:

You know what? I started to list off all of the people who CONTRIBUTE to this forum and the list got stupidly long and of course once you get to a certain point, it is expected that you list EVERY single person because if you are not on “this” list then you must be on the “other” list and I for one am not certain we need anymore lists.

So, suffice it to say that the “contributors” know who they are and the other’s…well, I have some soup for them if they would like…

“When strangers start acting like neighbors… communities are reinvigorated”

~ Ralph Nader

Well said cupcake. I like your creative use of imagery.

How long though, I wonder, until this post is used for yet another catfight, in this case of the “no, YOU started it” sort?

“Connect the dots; la, la, la, la.”

Peewee Herman

Look, cupcake boobies.


Hehehe…My Rabbit producing, watch smashing friend, how long have you been holding on to that and just waiting for the right time?

Thanks E…I posted the rough draft instead of the edited…DOH!..serves me right for posting after my bedtime…

“You can be up to your boobies in white satin, with gardenias in your hair and no sugar cane for miles, but you can still be working on a plantation”

~ Billie Holiday

Actually it popped into my head, and I found it in about ten seconds on Google.