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V - Diet!


Want to start the V-diet but can't find the thread that breaks it down. Also when T-Nations members break down work outs 3 X 8 or 8 x 3 does this mean reps/sets or sets/reps? I know it's a stupid question, but I'm a newbie and i really want to start this diet so I can lose the weight and start feeling good about myself again. I want to change my lifes style and get serious about my body. Does anyone have any suggestion as far as routines or nutrition goes for after the v-diet?


This is probably the thread you're looking for:

He revamped it a little from the original velocity diet.
8x3 means eight sets of three repetitions.
3x8, three sets of eight repetitions.

If you're just starting out, I think most would recommend you either trying out a very simple full body program, or something like Chad Waterbury's "Big Boy Basics." Do a search for it...it should be easy to find.


Other than the lack of casien what would be difference if you sub in chicken for Metabolic Drive for the V-Diet?



Maybe this will help?



The difference is you would no longer be doing the V-diet, and doing RetailBoy's chicken diet.


And what's wrong with that? There's no law that says you need to do the V-diet exactly. It's just a diet. If you think something is more appealing to you why not do it or at least try it? Just b/c Shugart didn't write the diet doesn't mean it doesn't work. Just b/c Chad Waterbury didn't write a workout does not mean it sucks.


By using a protien supp you get an accurate measurement of how much protein you are consuming.

Also, for simplicity. You don't have to cook.


Devil's advocate here.

Celticwolf never said there was a problem with Retailboy's chicken diet. Just that, the other than the lack of casein, the biggest difference would be the name of the variation. Celticwolf was, in a roundabout way, just giving mad props to the creative genius of Retailboy. Apparently.