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I have not checked out the v-diet until today, my mom is interested so I decided to check it out but, after looking over it I got to thinking would not any diet that low in calories be it solid food or liquid cause a lot of fatloss? What is so special about this diet? I am not trying to bash the diet I mean it may be easier to just drink shakes and forget about cooking but, at $500 it seems like too much.

My example:

         Non-Workout Workout

1,485 1,815
Protein grams
220 246
Fat grams
42 42
Carb grams
62 113
Fiber grams
27 27

It is explained pretty well in the articles…
more omega 3s than most diets
more fibre than most diets
over 1g protein /lb bodyweight
also gets you into the mindset of eating well and actually craving good solid foods instead of junk
it’s easy to stick to as well, you arent tempted to cheat because you can’t eat
if you work it out 500 dollars isnt that much considering this is all you need and when you look at the cost of going out for dinner etc… it pays off pretty quickly, atleast for me it would