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V-Diet Weight Changes During Day?

Hey guys, I know i have not been consistent with results, however I have been doing great. However im a little scared because ( even though i should not be doing this I do it anyway) My weight goes up and down every day. In the morning its the lowest at night im up around even though i work out and i follow the diet to the “T”
Why cant it just stay the way it is in the morning.

3/24/08: 220
4/5/08: 206.8
I dont know inches, however my clothes are fitting again and i have more energy.

Please someone help ME understand that my weight fluctuates and im not failing because thats exactly how i feel, when the scale goes up a lb. I hope and pray i can get down to 180 by my b-day which is in a month. :frowning:

Pretty much everyone’s weight is higher at night than the morning. Food in your stomach, (in this case shakes) hydration, etc all plays a part. Don’t worry about day/night fluctuations. Stop weighing yourself more than once a day.

Think about it. If you weigh yourself in the morning, and then eat/drink two pounds of liquid or food, you will be two pounds heavier. In no way does this mean you are failing or putting on two pounds of fat.

Do NOT weigh daily. Will drive ya nuts (especially females.)

V-Diet weigh-in rules:

1 day per week, same day every time. I like Saturday morning with the weekly healthy solid meal that afternoon.

Use same scale in same location.

Weight in the morning right after waking and a bathroom trip, but before eating or drinking.

…what Shugart said…

Thanks Chris and CJK Appreciate it very much. With the one meal in mind, i had mine today.
2 questions:

  1. should i stick to a designated day of my meal or can i vary it. For instance i ate on Sunday last week and then this week I ate Today.

  2. The meal that I had last week was salmon (grilled) with broccoli with a splash of lemon and a table spoon of rice. Didn’t really care for the rice.

Today I had, A greek Salad with chicken gyro meat ( serving size one deck of cards) and a turkey burger without the bun but with tomato and lettuce1/2 of the whole wheat pita. Each meal was followed with a glass of water.

Do you mind critiquing my meals? Hopefully have made good choices

Btw, looking at my stats, is this where i should be at this particular time of the V-Diet? Like my stats and all. Im asking because I cant really notice the results however, people around me can :slight_smile: which is great!

My workouts consists of: weight lifting, crunches, working tri’s, bi’s, doing the eliptical for 30 mins, squats (hopefully i am doing those right) and since there is a Nature trail near my house I power-walked that today to get my NEPA in. Any other suggestions to maximize my weight loss and work out? Another thing i’d like to find out is how can i start losing weight in my tummy because that’s the biggest problem area for me. My legs are small but my tummy is really bothering me! Btw I surely miss doing my step aerobics class. Can’ wait to go back!