V-Diet Trouble, Need Advice

I’ve searched the various V-diet blogs, etc, but this hasn’t been addressed as far as I can tell.

I miscounted my Metabolic Drive supply. I ordered some today and it should be here by Wednesday I hope. Problem is I may run out by then. What can I eat in this situation that won’t completely kill the effort I’ve made so far?

I’m really pissed at myself for making this mistake. I thought I had two more tubs in the closet waiting for me. Well, there was only one. I’d hate to have to quit this thing now a week and a half in because I’m a dumbass.

Any suggestions other than to tell me I’m a dumbass? I’ve already got that covered.

Why dont you go to GNC or Vitamin Shoppe (This is the only time I will recommend to buy supps from a brick and mortar store!) and purchase like a pound or two of some other brand of micelluar casein, or some other slower digesting protein. Then use that to tide you over until your Metabolic Drive comes in.

I was wondering if that would work. I tend to believe Chris when he says this diet won’t work on any other protein because I’d get hungry. I’ve not been hungry on this one yet except for maybe the 30 minutes before my next shake. It’s been great.

If it’s not here by Wednesday, that’s what I’ll have to do I guess. Anyone have an opinion on Jay Robb products? That’s what my local health shop sells.

Any slow-release protein will get you through. Eat cottage cheese and flax/walnuts.

Don’t sweat it. You’ll be fine. The people who fail are ones who use a quickly-digested protein like whey isolate. Cottage cheese will get you though.

Seriously, I believe Chris when he says that Metabolic Drive is the best protein for this diet, but if your choice is to go off the diet, or buy a comparable protein, it seems like a no brainer. If you are afraid of being hungry, can’t you put up with it for a day until your Metabolic Drive gets in? If you can’t, maybe an extreme diet is not for you.

Well, that was simple enough. Guess I had some serious tunnel vision. Just trying to stay on track.

So, no opinions on the Jay Robb protein?