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V-Diet Too Sweet?

Hi all,

I’m in the early stage of the V-Diet at the moment. One thing I’ve found over the first few days is that the protein shakes and, in particular, Surge are pretty sweet.

On a normal diet, where you can eat solid foods as well, this wouldn’t pose a problem - and is actually quite nice. However, the fact that there are basically no savoury foodstuffs (other than the flax seeds, which I’ve taken to just eating without putting them in the shake) leaves me feeling a little queasy.

Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid this? Green tea seems to work a bit, but I’m conscious that drinking a lot of that will mean that I’m taking in quite a lot of caffeine over the course of the day.

Any tips will be appreciated.


First off- I am always surprised when someone says that the shakes are too sweet, and why specifically on the V-Diet? It’s not like you need to nurse the shake for 20 minutes an endure the sweetness. Slam it down and move on. I typically drink an entire 2 scoop shake in one drink with barely enough time to even taste it.

Second- one way to cut the sweetness is to water down the shake. Instead of 8oz of water per scoop try 12oz. Increase as needed. You would need a shaker big enough, but it can work.

I can’t say for sure how to cut the sweetness of Surge. Adding extra water doesn’t seem to work, so I guess you’re stuck there. But it’s only once a day, and hopefully not every day.