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V-Diet Too Extreme?

What are the theoritical gains from doing the V-diet on off days?
One possible downside is the rapid change from low calorie, under 2000, to high calorie, over 3000, on a daily basis would just create more trouble then its worth. This would kind of be like cycling carbs, but to the extreme. Would the rapid change of calorie levels add too much fat?

What are the theoritical advantages and disadvantages to doing the V-diet between workout days for 1-3 weeks at a time.

I have no idea what the effects would be, but I would imagine I’d be starving on the off days.

Advantages?? Less total intake there for weight loss HOPEFULLY fat loss by keeping protein High and good fats coming in. Also sanity as opposed to that of the V-Diet as you know you get food tomorrow. Also in theory you SHOULD lose a good amount of fat by every other day getting more intake and not letting your metabolism slow to much.

Disadvantages. Less recovery, less performance/strength/gains due to once again less total intake. You MAY put on a bit of fat on those workout days but I dont see that panning out in the long run. I mean you are also working harder/expending more on days eating. I would try and get most in right around the w/o if the goal is fat loss and a nice big whack of carbs before and after training to refill the glycogen to refill the muscle to attempt to keep gym performance up

Anyhow worth a try and I did kind of this same thing just becasue I was busy as hell in grad school. Made eating easy and I leaned out a bit and kept/made some gains though my intake on off days was a bit higher than the V-Diet and I alway had one meal for breakfast the rest was shakes and oils.

Give it a whirl and let us know,

Just follow the two articles religously and you’ll do fine. I did it for a jiu jitsu comeptition, lost 30lbs and felt just as strong as when I started! The faint of heart and weak minded will NOT make it though. This is a pretty hardcore diet and if you can follow through, you’ll be one lean mofo.