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V-Diet TBT Routine

Day 1:
Deadlift 83
DB Flat Bench 5
DB Rows 38
DB Tri Presses 1

Day 2:
Barbell Military Press 83
Front Squat 5
Pulldowns 38
Alternating Bicept Curls 1

Day 3:
Barbell Incline Bench 83
Supinated Grip Pulldowns 5
Back Squat 55
Lateral Raises 1

Probably a MWF schedule with 30 min of low intensity cardio 3-4 times a week. Too much? Too little? Let me know what you think.

look good to me except the pressing man thats a TON of heavy pressing 8 x 3 twice and 5x5 once Id go in a lighter rep range mor volume one day.

Good Luck,

I see. Should I perhaps make everyother day higher volume and drop the 83. Or would you recommend picking on workout a week containing the 83.