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V-Diet Support '06


Who's up for it (hopefully there isn't already a thread that I missed)? I'm on my third day. Started at 206 lbs, 17% BF, 37" around the love handles/navel. I'll be having a solid meal only when the cravings get too bad, so maybe twice a week, 3x at the most, rather than only once or 7x. They'll either be some chicken and broccoli or spinach, or salmon and broccoli or spinach (skipping fish oil caps to line up with caloric guidelines on salmon days) on non-workout days, or a bowl of oatmeal and blueberries with some Metabolic Drive on workout days.

My workout program is set up similarly to The Waterbury Method, only using 75% or so rather than 80%, and without pre-planned progression, due to the low calories. If my weights go up, then great. If not, no big deal.

After the 28 days, I'll transition into T-Dawg 2.0 and stay on that until I'm at 8% or so (about 20 lbs of fat total to lose). I'll be using Carbolin 19 during this phase. If my muscle mass remains unchanged, I'll be about 186 with 8% BF. Hopefully I'll be able to increase LBM some.

So come on, who else is on this right now? Let's hear how it's going!


Interesting, had you asked CS or Cy about this? You're not using any HOT-ROX?


I've done the V-diet 3x so feel free to PM me with any questions you have on it.

Here are some suggestions:
Have 20 grams of protein 30 minutes prior to your workout. It'll help stimulate anabolism sooner.
Drink lots of green tea
Ditch the fiber caps. Instead eat spinach. All the carbs in it are fiber.
Eat at least one cup of spinach daily. It's just fiber and protein.
You're better off working out earlier in the day.
Don't overload yourself on squats; you'll become light-headed easily.
In terms of training programs a 3x3 split body program with LOW volume works quite well.
Don't aim to progress your lifts on the diet; aim to maintaim them.
A workout that you might want to try is the Single's Club by Chad Waterbury.
Lots of low intensity cardio can SIGNIFICANTLY improve results; 25-50% (take a look at "actively Velocitized) in Physique and Performance Photos
I would reccomend a testosterone booster (I've tried it with and without) such as 6-oxo (tried it) or Alpha Male (haven't tried it).
Take 6 grams of creatine/day. Trust me.
Drink lots of green tea. A mug of warm green tea will do wonders when you're starving.
Before you cave into cravings try chewing or even eating a pack of sugarless gum (I EAT about 8 packs/day).
If you're not getting enough sleep you're in trouble.
Expect to rebound in weight when you come off.
Here's some math; the avearge person stores about 750 grams of glycogen. Each gram of glycogen correlates to 2.6-3.0 grams of water stored due to hydrogen bonding. This works out to about 6lbs. Also figure the amount of food normally in your GI. Combine the two and it's 6-10lbs. Don't forget about this if the scale rebounds; instead go by your waist (gaining back an inch the first week is normal).
I think it's a good idea to continue taking HOT-ROX for a few weeks after coming off the V-Diet.
Eating buffets for a week straight when you're off the V-Diet is NOT a good idea. Realize your metabolism will be suppressed.
If anyone is interested I'd be very interested to have someone take a prohormone or roids post-v-diet and report their results. That would hypotherically help offset and fat gain back (hmmm maybe I'll try it). A good choice that's left is Superdrol (haven't tried it).

I hope this helps!
PM me with any questions.


I should have clarified. I'm using Carbolin 19 after I've fully transitioned from the V-Diet to T-Dawg 2.0 (I believe Shugart did this). During the V-Diet I'm using Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. I considered taking a test-booster during, and now I think I'm gonig to due to powda's recommendation. I'll be using TRIBEX.

I haven't bought any fiber caps, I've just been using flax seeds for fiber, and so far, so good. I figure that my 2-3 (max, hopefully only 1) weekly solid meals will make up for any deficit there since they'll either contain oatmeal, spinach, or broccoli.

I may be changing my program...I think WM just might kill me with its volume.

Why so much creatine? I usually take that much on workout days, but generally don't take any on non-workout days. Should I change that?

I always drink lots of green tea. I'll also be using Crystal Light for a no-carb craving-buster when needed. It's also quite good mixed in with vanilla Metabolic Drive.

Thanks for your help, guys.


What's up OneEye,
Just to assist in getting things started, I too am currently using the V-Diet. I'm on my sixth day and already am seeing results. Partly because of the extreme decrease in calories and also water weight, but the visible results are appearing. I am following CW's Total Body Training program three times a week to keep things light. However, I also do morning fastes walks 4 times weekly (after taking HOT-ROX) in addition to some higher intensity cardio about 3 times weekly. I am a fan of the rowing machine as well as the elliptical trainer when I'm not in the mood for sprints. I'm actually using GNC's protein formula (I know I know, it's a sin....) but the flavor is good and the price was right. I don't even notice the disgusting flax oil inside. In addition to the oil and salmon capsules, I'm consuming five shakes daily along with two cans of tuna. The tuna is in there because I do not use double scoops of the shakes in an effort to keep carbohydrates and calories low, so those cans assist in raising my protein intake. (By the way, extreme Hot Sauce does wonders to spice up the flavor of this dish) I'll let you know how this next week goes, as I'm sure it will be trying on my discipline.


Eat spinach EVERYDAY. It's essentially a fiber tablet with some vegetable protein.

I take a consistent amount of creatine. I'm also vegetarian; I just find it to help.
Why so much? You're not eating meat and thus not getting any creatine from meat. Plus I'm not too fluent on this topic but I would assume your body would be producing less creatine phosphate during times of caloric deficit??? I can't reference that though; just a guess.


Good enough for me. Thanks for the help.


I just finished week 2 and am seeing good results(surprise!)... Lets keep this community going though. I kinda feel like im on Auto Pilot right now with the shakes and stuff...its a non-issue. I definitely look forward to my solid meal but the shakes are 100% okay with my right now.

Spinach huh? Perhaps I'll incorporate that into the mix here for the next 2 weeks... I've been longing to just EAT something for the last few days. I figure even if I go 50 calories over my "limit" oh well...I'm still under 1500 huh?

Most of my "cardio" comes in the form of my job... food server. A standard 6 hour shift has me on my feet the ENTIRE time and at last 30% of that is walking around.


proteinpowda....forgive me if im reading this wrong but u said xpect a rebound in weight (of about 10lbs) which i totally agree will happen due to glycogen stores added water and food in the gut. But say u lose 16lbs like Shugs on the V-Diet and u put 10back on...thats 6lbs in 4weeks? surely u mite aswell just eat clean train hard and lose a pound a week and save urself from liquid diet torture!? perhaps im gettin this all wrong. whats ur oppinion?


Though I agree that it is definite some weight will be gained through the reinstatement of solid foods, a dramatic increase in poundages does not have to happen. If you have time, read Shugart's blog when coming off the V-Diet, for he mentions how he began to incorporate real meals back into his diet. In fact, two weeks after the diet, I believe he reported that he only gained approximately one pound of weight back, and even then his muscles looked fuller and he was leaner than ever.

Depending on your size too, you may even lose more than that 16 pounds...there are plenty here who reported to have lost close to even 25 in that same period. Granted some are fluid, but the loss in fat throughout this period is still great to give you a kick in the ass for clean foods and proper nutrition.


cool...i like to be lean for summer (7 or 8%) and normally i just follow t-dawg 2 for 3months (as of 2day im about 12%) so i was wondering whether to go wid my normal plan or maybe continue to gain mass for couple months and get to 210lb and then rip it off quickly wid a v-diet...def gna have a careful read over the vdiet threads and peoples experiences. thanks


Starting the V-diet tomorrow. I got my Metabolic Drive, Surge, and HOT-ROX all ready. I'm new to all this so I can't wait to get started. I'm 198lbs and want to get down to 175lbs. Hopefully this works.

I'm going to follow CS's diet and workout plan. I'm sure as I get use to and more familar with what I'm doing I'll be able to change some things. Never did anything like this before, but ready to give it a try. Good luck to you and let's make this happen. Will update results weekly..


In regards to the weight gain:

I think the transition period still puts you in a calorie deficit, thus you are still losing weight even after the diet. Incorporating the oatmeal (carbs!) back in will start replenishing your glycogen stores while you are still losing weight, and they might have a cancelling effect on each other, or most likely you will gain some "water weight" back.


I lost 23 in 3 weeks.
I went from 222 to 199; and after a week of all buffets and eating crap I was back to 208.
So that's 15lbs in 3 weeks; and I'm just as strong and look bigger than when I started. 5lbs/week of fat loss is quite good.


This is the most accurate statement.

I gained 9 back b/c I went right back into eating full (as in buffets).
I've had experiences with little to none rebound in weight unless I upped my calories; you have to keep them at 14-15x bodyweight though.


ok cool guys...some nice replies there....i spose you gta try everything once so i will continue to bulk and then go wid the v.diet...im thinking as im already pretty lean that cuttingg right now will just hinder me. good luck to all you guys going wid it now tho...stick wid it!


Hey guys. How many HOT-ROX are you taking a day? Back of the bottle says 1-2 in the a.m. and repeat 6 hours later. However, V-Diet says up to 8? What should I do? Also when does everyone take them? After first meal? or before?

Another thing, when is everyone doing there cardio? Should it be morning, night. before/after weight?

Thanks guys. I start tommorow.



If you're taking Max-Strength HOT-ROX (which I'd recommend), you'll take 4 in the morning before breakfast and 4 6 hours later, both times on an empty stomach. It sounds like you have the regular strength.

If possible, in the morning after taking your HOT-ROX, but before breakfast. Make sure it's not regular "cardio," but walks. If you're jogging, you'll lose muscle because of the extremely low calories.

Good luck!


I lost 26 pounds in 26 days on the V diet. I followed it up by a four week transition phase where I slowly introduced solid food back into my daily intake. I ganined 10 pounds the first weekend off, but six of that came off by the following weekend. Following the four week transition phase I tried to maintain for four weeks. I was still down 22 pounds at that time. Since then I have slowly increased my daily intake closly monitoring my body composition. I have added four pounds, and I believe most of that to be muscle.



Hey Christopher (monkey),

 Out of curiosity, when you took part in the V-Diet about how many carbohydrates did you consume daily? You lost a significant amount of weight and I was wondering about how many weeks you were in a ketosis state(if any). Good job on the loss too by the way.