V-Diet Supplement Timing

Due to family/job obligations, I have to train first thing in the morning, roughly 9am.

I was wondering what is the best time to take my HOT-ROX and BCAAs.

I don’t mind training on an empty stomach if that’s acceptable for the V-Diet. I could possibly drink 1/2 Surge prior to training also.

I was thinking of timing things as follows…

Wake 8:30am:
1 serving BCAAs

1/2 serving Surge


1/2 serving Surge
1 serving BCAAs

Metabolic Drive shake(no fats at this time?)

Not trying to overthink here, I just want to be compliant to the V-Diet format for training first thing upon rising.


PS: I asked this in the Support Thread also, but since I am 250lbs(6’5"), should I have 6 shakes/day(2 scoops each), OR, drink 5 shakes/day containing 2.5 scoops each?

Again, prolly overthinking, but I’m just trying to be 100% compliant to the V-Diet rules during my planning.

(Thanks again!!!)

I would suggest something like this:

Wake 8:00am: HOT-ROX + BCAA

8:30am: Shake 1

9:15am: BCAA

9:30am: Lift

10:00am: Surge

11:00am: Shake 2

You’re right that you shouldn’t have any fats with the first shake after your Surge. I would definitely advise against training on an empty stomach, or even with a belly full of just a 1/2 serving of Surge.


Forgot to mention that I normally train by ingesting BCAAs only prior to lifting. This doesn’t bother me and in fact, I feel sluggish in the gym when I eat prior to training.

Again, just want to follow the V-Diet “rules”.