V-Diet Supplement List

Hey guys i’m getting ready to make my order from T-Nation for the V-Diet supplements.

Supplements I will be needing.

10x “Metabolic Drive Super Protien Shake”
Now with this does it matter which flavor I buy? I plan to order 3 flavors before purchasing the rest

2x “HOT-ROX Extreme”
I believe this should be enough to last me the 30 days + more if needed

2x “Flameout”
This should be enough to get me through the diet

2x “Surge”
For the diet itself, once again does it matter which flavor I purchase?

1x “Natural PB”
1x “Flax Seeds” - (Same thing as fish oil??)

Is there a package deal containing all the T-Nation products i’ll need to finish the diet? Is there anything else I need to start the diet?

I’ll be making my order in the morning, thanks guys.