V-Diet Results...

Yea I really wish I had before pics (especially my before I started training again pics). Im on an extended assignment with a client in NJ and living in a hotel. I don’t have my digital cam with me.

Maybe I’ll call this girl I met the other night and have her come over and take pictures of me. :-))

Day 5 - doing well. Except I’ve changed protein supps today. Was running low on Metabolic Drive, so I paniced and picked up my old favorite ISOPURE. I don’t know yet if its placebo effect or not, but I feel better after one serving of ISOPURE. I used ISOPURE in the past as my protein sup when doing basically a V Diet.

I might stay with ISOPURE.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
IFR Pilot wrote:
Started the V-Diet on Sunday (so this is Day 4 for me). Doing it religiously. For only 4 days now nontheless, but religiously. I know if I can do one week, I can do 3 more.

It sounds like you will succeed. Be sure to let everyone know you’re results when you’re finished: It’s helpful to those on the diet to see others succeeding in “real time.”


Four week update: Creatine/glycogen loaded. Gained 4 pounds. (217 to 221). (No change in waist measurement.) Taking a slow cut down from 221.

Fit into 34" jeans - for the first time since late 2001. 36" jeans now look sloopy and ridiculous on me - even when wearing a belt, which is a must.

I still enjoy sweets, but I don’t crave them like I used to. I don’t go on huge binges. Instead, on a cheat day I can eat 2 or 3 cupcakes/cookies/candy bargs and move on. I used to binge uncontrollably. We’re talking whole packages of Oreos.

I would be craving for food like a drug addict would crave other drugs. Those cravings are gone.