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V-Diet Results Please

Hey all, I am commited to the V-Diet as soon as my tax refund comes in (most likely March will be my month for the diet, maybe april, may at the LATEST). I have of course read all of Shugs articles on the topic, and have been following Gus in the Clinic very closely. However, I have only ever see Gus’ results in a format other than scale and tape measurements IE Pictures.

Does any one have pictures of their before and after V-Diet that they would be willing to share? Preferably somsone who started in my shoes, not ‘fat’ but for sure above 10%. My stats are 6’1" (and change), 203 ‘dry weight’ (morning after all bathroom exploits and no food or water), by the end of the day I am closer to 207-210. My estimated (by no means accurate) fat % is between 12 and 15, probably lower than higher, and the majority is in the classic male stubborn areas, Death handles and lower belly pooch.

The leanest I have been was last spring early summer but I still had the death handles and pooch, I know that I can get that lean again in a few weeks with only strict diet and cardio, I kept my eating cleaner and have been keeping it even better recently (dropped from 208 morning weight or higher in a few weeks of ‘carb cycling for idiots’)… ok now I’m rambling… so thanks in advance for anyone willing to share!

start dieting now and finish your cut with the v-diet in march for far better overall results.

you wanted results, i did the v-diet. I’m young and relatively new so don’t make fun of my weight, but i went from 174 to 165 in the 28 day period, and after the 2 week transition i ended at 161. overall i loved it, the taste changes are real it is now much more satisfying to choke down reheated chicken and spinach. berries and oranges are literally as delicious as funnel cakes used to be.

That mamkes sence (start healthier diet now) which i am doing. My Girlfreind got me Gourmet Nutrition volume 2 and i have been eating from that menue for the past two weeks with great success, both for my taste buds and body fat (I can tell it has dropped as my quads are leaning out alreay and getting more veiny, my legs lean out first… go figure). I don’t eat starches on non training days and limit my carbs other than veggies and fruite on training days to oatmeal for breakfast and post workout (varies depending on menue for the day). I I basically don’t eat bread anymore.

and also further clarification, I am less interested in numbers (scale weight and measurements) than I am visual results. And yes I am willing to drop down into the 180’s again if it means seeing my abs for the first time ever. so please, if you have pics, post em or PM them, I know that the v-diet has helped people drop lots of weight overall, but its teh visual I am looking for, thanks a ton!