V-Diet Questions

Hey all, I have a few V-Diet questions as I am getting all my supplies together now for a planned diet in march or April (financial reasons, tax refund). I am wondering how ‘regular fish oil’ would work. Thats what I use now, from Vitamin world, it’s plian old affordable as compared to Flameout. I just grabbed my bottle to compare the facts and obviously they are not the same, I would have to take 8 of mine to equal 4 Flameout, and that also adds 38 more calories (4 Flameout = 52 cal; 8 vitamin world = 80 cal. So I guess, what are suggestions seeings as how i am most likely going to go with my less expensive brand? match calories? not worry about 38 calories?

Also, isn’t it true that the original V-Diet was pre Flameout, so ‘regular fish oil’ was used?

AS for the other supplements, I will be using Metabolic Drive (waiting for tax refund), HOT-ROX Extreme(already have), picked up some super food and TRIBEX too, already have plenty of creatine, Surge i have, I also picked up milled flax yesterday and am going to get fiber tablets in a few minutes when I go groceries shopping. and i MIGHT get some BCAA.

OK, thanks for the insight!

I would get Flameout. Now I am no Biotest WHORE but it just makes sense. Now the original diet did have salmon tabs at a higher rate like 20. Yes you can take reg fish oil but many more of them. I recommed Flameout because you only have to take 4 of them. This gives you less calories so you can have natty pb. The natty pb is a life saver for me.

Forgot to add. I use flax meal because it is finer. I find it mixes better.

OK, so hypothetically if i didn’t have natty PB i would up the dose of other fish oil? just make sure the calories and macros still tallied correctly? Thanks

You don’t have to take in natty pb but I look at it as a cheat and it’s cheap. It also has a fatty acid profile that keeps the sat mono and poly’s in cheak, but no you do not need to take it in. Just look at the original thread for the V-Diet and you will see it worked just fine with reg fish oil.

edit Yes just keep your macros in check and you’ll be good.

Thank you very much for the help!


enjoy the fiber tabs, i think i have to up my intake of them…they taste good! :slight_smile: