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V-Diet Question

I don’t think V-Diet is for me. I started it yesterday and same thing happening now that happen last few times I started a low-carb diet,insomnia and hellish headaces. I didn’t sleep any last night,and have to work today until 4PM, on top of that ,I have a real bad throbbing headace. Last spring, I had a similar result with V-diet so I changed it to T-dawg with V-Diet cals and got outstanding results.(first meal was C+P, second was a Metabolic Drive bar, last 3 were the Metabolic Drive shakes with milled flax seeds) I thought I’d give it another try to really nuke the fat off, but this shit happened. Are some people just unable to handle low carbs, I sure as hell can’t.

It’s not the HOT-ROX,I’ve taken it many times and haven’t had a problem unless I really restrict my carbs.

It may take a few days to get past those effects. That was the case for me and my wife.


If you got fantastic results on T-Dawg 2.0 go ahead and just do that. I don’t think an extra pounds of Fat is worth not being able to sleep at night.

People respond differently. I had my room-mate try the V-diet and he was nauseated the whole time and gave up after three days.

He had never tried HOT-ROX or the diet before so to truly say what happened we’d have to try it again, once on the diet without HOT-ROX and another time administering HOT-ROX without being on the v-diet.

It was just odd; I’ve never had issue with either the HOT-ROX or the diet. But I will go as far as to postulate that the v-diet might compromise immune function (I who rarely gets sick have gotten sick 2 of the 3x I’ve done it).

Thanks guys,I’ll do T-Dawg 2.0.Now,I think I’m gonna pass out.