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V-Diet, progression week 1 (ALL V-DIETERS)

Sex: Male
Age: 30 years
Length: 70,5 in
Weight: 196,4 lbs

Starting date: 03-03-2008

Calories: 1400 (non training days), 1700 (training days)

Week 1 progression

Weight: 188,5 lbs
Down: 7,9 lbs (4,0% of bodyweight)

Cheats: Wednesday; 1 scoop extra Metabolic Drive, Friday; 1 double espresso and small piece of dark chocolate.

Are you not listening? You are posting this in the wrong section


Are you for real with those cheats? Why are you doing this diet? Why don’t you just do something manageable? Eat healthy whole foods at an appropriate caloric deficit and train right.

Who gave this a 10? =_="

[quote]ahzaz wrote:
Who gave this a 10? =_="[/quote]

I think anyone who does not post a picture in rate my physique deserves a 10. At least it spares us from team poses , bra-bro poses, people who pose while holding a dumbell , people who pose and weigh less than 160 that also want to cut…etc…

Well you can’t criticize because your face is blue ;]

To the OP…I want to clue you in on something, YOU FAILED THE V-DIET.