V-Diet Plus EDT?


Has anyone experience with combining the V-Diet with EDT?

I’m on day 6 (after finishing a one-week transition) and currently on a 10x3-based program, but workouts are taking up a lot of time.

If you had tried V-Diet & EDT, what modifications did you make, if any?

Thanks in advance,


I suppose I’ll just have to experiment on my own, then.

This’ll be my unofficial V-DIET-EDT diary thread.

– ElbowStrike

March 8, 2007:

Woke up 7:00, took 5g & 5g of BCAA and glutamine, did 30 minutes cardio @ 65-75%HRmax, and consumed protein shake (~50g protein) with UDO’s oil (15g fat), and 1/2 multivitamin.

This afternoon: 30-minute brisk walk
This evening: 45 minutes karate-jujitsu.

Planned caloric intake: 1800-2000kcal.

I’m now doing total-body EDT workouts, three days per week with only 10 minutes per PR zone and I’m feeling pretty good.

Total Body A:

10min PR: Deadlift
10min PR: Standing Press & Weighted Chin
10min PR: Lat & Bent Flye
3x6-12: Cable Twist & Side Crunch
HIIT: 6x(30s:60s ww:rr)

Total Body B:

10min PR: One-leg Barbell Squat
10min PR: Bench & Row
10min PR: DB Curl & Skullcrusher
3x6-12: Hip thrusts & Hypers
HIIT: 8x(20s:10s ww:rr)

This is on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays.
Rep target: 24-50 reps per 10 minutes.

Tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays are:

Karate-Jujitsu: 45 minutes

With 30 minutes fasted morning cardio every morning and a 30-minute brisk walk every afternoon (with the exception of Sundays).

Still keeping it between 1800-2000 kcal per day.

Down to 202 from 208.